The MH17 Truth: There was no crash!


For the past two weeks, I studied all the evidence that I could find on the alleged Malaysian airliner crash in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. On the basis of all that, I have concluded that this is what really happened:



1. There was no crash


Just a brief look at the crash site reveals that it was in reality an exposition. The remains were deliberately placed their. None of these remains came falling down from high up in the sky. That is why there are no signs of impact anywhere on this alleged crash site. Also the convenient positioning of the wreck pieces and other “remains” supports this conclusion, not to mention the absence of blood and of course the immediately presented passports, that were in excellent condition. Therefore there is no footage whatsoever of a Boeing 777 going down, either in one piece or in bits and pieces. Neither are their eyewitnesses who saw anything like that on July 17, 2014.



2. Radar images indicate neither a crash


Radar images show that flight MH17 flew away from the crash site (video). On the radar, the dot of MH17 and the one of Singapore Airlines flight SQ-351 merged shortly after the transponder of MH17 was switched off.



3. The uninterruptible autopilot control system took over


Just like the MH370 flight that disappeared on March 8 of this year, also MH17 was taken over by remote control. Officially, Boeing calls it the “uninterruptible autopilot control system”, but it is commonly known that these types of Boeing 777’s can be flown by remote control. That is why the MH17 plane dropped speed, lowered its altitude, and then accelerated and ascended again, in order to come under the Singapore Airlines SQ-351 flight. The remains on the crash site are most likely from the missing MH370 plane (link).



4. Which airliner took off from Amsterdam airport?


Officially, the airliner with the registration code 9M-MRD left Amsterdam airport and headed for Kualu Lumpur for flight MH17 on July 17, 2014, but three different pictures were allegedly taken that very same day of a departing airliner with the registration code 9M-MRC (link). How was that possible? What airliner is visible on the airport video recordings?



5. What happened to the people who boarded this MH17 flight?


One thing is for sure: their bodies were not on the crash site in eastern Ukraine. The smell of the crash site bodies was horrible, as the first news items told us, indicating that these people were dead for a much longer time. Some witnessed said that the blood of these victims had been drained. These were perhaps the bodies of the MH370 passengers (227) and crew (12), that were placed in a freezer during the long layover on the USA, UK and Israeli military base on Diego Garcia?


Furthermore, the MH17 passengers list was uploaded to internet months before this departure. How was this possible? Also the facebook pages of these passengers indicate that something is fishy here. Again, how big is this hoax really?



© 2014 August 3 – : Wholly ScienceJohan Oldenkamp