Of which airliner is this wreck piece?


The Malaysia airliner crash site in Eastern Ukraine showed this wreck piece.



This is a part of another photo of the same plane part:



To the right of the door, under the Malaysian flag, there is a shuttered window.


In a previous article, I asked which airliner took off on July 17, 2014 from Amsterdam airport: 9M-MRC or 9M-MRD (link). However, neither of these airplanes has a window under the Malaysian flag.


This is picture of 9M-MRC:



And this is picture of 9M-MRD:




Below we see a picture (taken on December 7, 2003) of another Malaysian airliner, with the registration code 9M-MRO. This airliner has a window under the Malaysian flag.



Below, we see another picture of this airplane. This time, the window seems to have disappeared.



However, let us have a closer look at that very same spot:



It was this 9M-MRO airliner that got lost on March 8, 2014 with flight number MH370. How did a part that most likely belonged to this 9M-MRO airplane end up on the ground in eastern Ukraine op July 17, 2014? Was it this MH370 flight, probably with a long layover at Diego Garcia, that was shot down by a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet, instead of the MH17 flight?


If this is indeed true, then what happened to the people who boarded the 9M-MRD (or 9M-MRC) airliner on July 17, 2014 at Amsterdam airport? Were these bodies later on secretly transferred to military barracks in the city of Hilversum in the Netherlands for their identification? How big is this hoax really?


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