Which airliner downed in eastern Ukraine?


This is my third attempt to get it right. I removed both previous attempts from my website, as they might not be entirely correct. As we are in the middle of an information war, it is nowadays very hard to get all the facts right. However, we need real facts, when we want to know the truth.


What happened?

On Thursday July 17, 2014, shortly after noon, local time (12:15 p.m.), a Malaysia airliner with flight number MH17 left Amsterdam airport in the Netherlands and headed for Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Instead of flying its usual path over the south of the Ukraine, this MH17 flight took a route 300 miles to the north, causing it to fly right above the war zone in eastern Ukraine.



Four hours after takeoff (at 14:15 GMT), the Ukrainian Air Traffic Control lost contact with this airliner.


Question 1: Why was this MH17 flight rerouted to fly across this war zone?



What was the airplane’s identification number?

Every commercial airliner has a sort of license plate. This airliner identification code is written on the side at the plane’s back part, while the last to symbols of this code are also shown above the front wheels, when they are out. The code of the plane that officially downed in eastern Ukraine was 9M-MRD. The last part of this identification number is clearly visible on the airplane remains that were found on the ground near the city of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine, about 40 kilometers (or 25 miles) from the border with Russia:



Is this really an authentic crash site, as it looks more like a well-designed exposition? Anyway, this is a close-up of another picture of the same part showing MRD as the last part of identification code 9M-MRD:



One of the (alleged) passengers of this MH17 flight named Cor Pan, whose his real name is Cornelis Schilder (passenger number 184 on the list: link), uploaded a photo of this airliner to his facebook page (link) with a creepy prescient comment: “In case it disappears, this is how it looks like” (in Dutch). It was this photo:



However, instead of RD, it reads RC above the front wheels. That is odd.


Also Reuters released a picture of the very same airplane before takeoff, standing at gate G3 (see for instance a Dutch newspaper: link). Again, we see RC instead of RD:



The next photo, taken by a plane spotter, shows the takeoff of this very same airplane. Again we see the airliner identification code of 9M-MRC (when we look carefully).



Question 2: Why does the letter C changes into a D after an alleged plane crash?



There are many more relevant questions that the mainstream media in the EU and the USA seemingly not want to ask. As the miraculous changing of a C into a D is by far the most unambiguously question, ignoring this crucial question equals to me deliberately covering up a hoax, that was most likely a false flag operation.



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