The “science” practiced by the universities is merely an ungrounded belief system, packed with dogma’s. The correct way to address this university belief system is by naming it “scientism”. This scientism is correctly depicted as the emperor without clothes in the fairy tail of Hans Christian Andersen (1805 – 1875).


Genuine science offer grounded explanations that are both sensible and simple. Instead, scientism solely presents descriptions, hoping that ignorant people do not see the essential difference between explaining and describing. To befool these laymen even further, scientism invented all kinds of non-existing concepts, in order to support these descriptions. Scientism is thereby, to a great extent, science fiction.


Scientism is based on many erroneous postulations. The reason for this is that scientism has limited itself to solely the empirical world of physical manifestations. Wholly Science explains that this is the world of effects. The causes for these effects are not present in that Shadow World, also known as the world of illusions. These effects are caused by the metaphysical forces that belong the world that is beyond the world we perceive with our five senses. Wholly Science refers to this second world at the other side of the veil as the Proto World. These proto forces originate from the Source World, which is the First World and the World of the Overall Creator.


As scientism excluded both the Creator and all metaphysical understanding of the Proto World, it can only describe the phenomena of the Shadow World. In order to pretend to be real science, scientism invented so-called “forces of nature”. However, these phenomena are not really forces, as they are merely effects of the real natural forces of the Proto World. Gravity, for instance, is not a force of nature. It only describes the effects we perceive in the Shadow World. It does not explain anything (read more: the myth of gravity).


The biggest lie of scientism is the myth of evolution between species. The Homo Sapiens did not evolve naturally from the Simia Erectus. Scientism can not provide us with even a single piece of evidence to support this outrageous claim. Wholly Science, on the other hand, shows at least five irrefutable facts that totally falsify this claim (read more: the myth of evolution between species).


Furthermore, the so-called “first law of thermodynamics” (stating that energy can only be transformed, and never created nor destroyed) turns out to be only true for those systems that obey this “first law”. Clearly, this tautology is not at all a “law of nature”, as its “proof” is based on vicious circular reasoning. Similarly, neither the so-called “second law of thermodynamics” belongs to genuine science. This “second law” states that each isolated system always evolves towards maximum entropy (meaning: disorder). Both “laws of thermodynamics” are essential axioms of scientism, and both are proven fundamentally wrong (video). In reality, the total amount of energy in the universe is constantly increasing, creating less disorder!


Scientism has included many more erroneous claims (like “Big Bang”, “black holes”, “dark matter”, “dark energy”, “space–time continuum”, and all kinds of theoretical subatomic particles, like “gravitons” and “gluons”). Non of these fictitious “things” really exist, as they all belong to science fiction. It is pointless to prove them all wrong. Just study Wholly Science, so you will know the truth.


Do you want to know the truth about your self, about your health, and about anything else in the whole of the universe and beyond, then scientism can not provide you with any sensible and simple explanation. Fortunately for you, Wholly Science can and will explain this Whole truth!


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