The 10 Greatest Myths


Written by all-round scientist Johan Oldenkamp, PhD, founder of Wholly Science



The ten most persistent myths of our current era:

No. 10: The myth of the Jewish race (link)

No.   9: The myth of women’s emancipation (link)

No.   8: The myth of “we need meat” (link)

No.   7: The myth of racism (link)

No.   6: The myth of continental drift (link)

No.   5: The myth of gravity (link)

No.   4: The myth of evolution between species (link)

No.   3: The myth of the Holocaust (link)

No.   2: The myth of the historical Jesus (link)

No.   1: The myth of the living Devil (link)



10. The myth of the Jewish race


Let us start by going back in time, to the source of this myth. In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, as well as the Torah, one spoke about a certain Jacob of Canaan, son of Isaac en grandson of Abraham. This Jacob was a thief, as he stole the first-born right from his older brother Esau. Later on, this man Jacob adopted the name Israel. With four different women, he got twelve sons: Aser, Benjamin, Gad, Issaschar, Joseph, Judah, Levi, Dan, Nafthali, Ruben, Simeon, and Zebulon. Somehow, all descendants of these twelve sons ended up in Egypt. After a delay of 40 years in a nearby desert, a certain Moses brought this offspring of Jacob alias Israel, back to Canaan, so we can read in the Bible Book of Genesis.


Even Wikipedia points out that there is none historical prove for this story, while during the times of the Old Egyptians lots of things were written down. Nevertheless, suppose all of this is indeed correct, how did the story then continued for these descendants of Jacob?


Very first, these descendants split themselves into two kingdoms, after the reigning period of one King Solomon. The ten tribes in the north called themselves Israel, and the two remaining tribes in the south took on the name of Judah. After this, the area of Canaan was conquered several times and the so-called descendants of Jacob were sometimes lead away to another country.


After all this, can we still speak of one and the same race (had it ever been an ethnic unity in the first place)? I think not. Nevertheless, let us pretend as if this is really the case. What name should we give this race? The Jacobians? Or perhaps the Israelites? No! The name that this race has given it selves, is the Yehudi, which means “from the tribe of Judah”. In English, this was translated in “Jew”. So how about the other 11 tribes?


In the 7th and 8th Century a great part of these so-called Jews lived in Spain. Others were supposed to have settled down in Denmark. In Danish, this country is called Danmark, meaning the field of Dan, which was indeed the name of one of the original tribes. In the same way, the word Vikings may refer to the VI Kings, where VI is the Roman numeral for 6, therefore referring to six other tribes. I do not know if any of this is true.


What I do know, is that in the year 740 King Bulan, the ruler of the extremely violent Khazar Kingdom, decided that the teachings of the Torah and the Talmud from then on was the only state religion. Consequently, all of the Khazars became officially Jews, later on called the Ashkenazi Jews. They speak Yiddish. Based on genetic research in 1960, it was determined that 96% of all people that call themselves Jew are descendants of the Khazars, meaning not from Judah nor his father Jacob. From the remaining 4%, we can only pose that they originally came from the Mid-East, and consequently are Semites or Arabs. So does this exist, a unique ethnic Jewish race? No! First of all, the people calling themselves Ashkenazi Jews, are genetically more diverse than Europeans, while there isn’t even a European race. To learn more about this, you can watch a one-hour video presentation by Jack Otto on the hidden history of the Khazar empire, which continues until our present day (link).


So, the idea of a Jewish race is a myth. Jews are people who believe in the Talmud and the Torah. They have the Jewish belief, while they belong to the human race, like all other humans. Allowing people to marry only within their own religion is clearly not enough to create a separate race. Just people who have been brainwashed and cannot think for themselves, nor do their own investigations, they might believe a myth like that.



9. The myth of Women Emancipation


One Hundred years ago women had no right to vote. This was the case because of organised suppression systems such as the Judaism, Christianity and Islam saw as of their origin, woman as inferior creatures and up until today, openly or secretly, do so.

Since woman have succeeded to liberate themselves from this suppression, after years of striving, we have made an enormous error in our reasoning. This was not at all a coincidence, but has been brought into the world deliberately by the criminal Tavistock Institute. This error in reasoning is that woman would be equal to men. Which is not the case at all. Woman are by no means equal to men, however at least equivalent. Between ‘equal’ and ‘equivalent’ lies an enormous, but above all essential difference.


Based on the fundamental error in reasoning that woman were to be equal to men, the feminism arose. All the things that men did, woman could do as well, regarding this disorientated movement. This reasoning was explained the other way a well and the consequence was that women became masculine and men became feminine. So what? What’s wrong with that? Well, everything, for it is unnatural. And from unnatural behaviour we become unhappy. This is one of the reasons that there are so many unhappy people in our present-day society.


In the background of this woman’s emancipation myth we can find the money myth. I have not included the money myth in this Top 10, because everyone meanwhile understands that banking institutes create the greatest part of money out of nothing (through the disastrous system of fractional baking with fiat-money). So our money has become a social structure, without it being covered by something of real value (of, for instance, precious metals).


As the traditional work of a woman inside the household cannot be fully appreciated in money, which indeed is the case for the working man, feminists thought that a woman should be able to earn as much money as a man. By practising this ridiculous train of thought (combined with a growing lack of money, created by the money-myth), the natural distribution of parts have completely gone down the drain, and with that, ever more parent-relationships. In present times therefore, there are less and less natural families. Every parent nowadays fulfils the role of a father as well as a mother’s, even in the exceptional case the original parents are still together. We should not be surprised that children, growing up in an unnatural situation, are behaving more and more unnatural. We as a society have, because of the women’s emancipation myth, completely lost our way. And our children are showing us this, unmistakably.


Wholly Science can help our society to finding back it’s natural way. For the natural role of a woman is taking care (water), while the natural role of a man is protecting (fire). Fire is a male energy, as in pointed outwards. Water, on the other hand, is a female energy, as in pointed inwards. Fire stands for action, water for emotion. In case you would like to learn more of this basic information, please read my book entitled ‘Understanding God’ (link).


So, not only are women not inferior, the emotion-minded females are higher in development than the action-minded male. Fortunately, there are six higher levels of consciousness in which the difference in gender is of no importance. So, the man has an arrears on the woman (instead of a so-called advantage). Only after a man has developed himself emotionally, higher levels of consciousness become available. Women, on the other hand, are not supposed to develop the underlying, action-minded part of the second Fire-layer. For that would be against nature. However, this is precisely what we have done for the past hundred years. That’s why women have become more and more unnatural and have lost contact with their own nature. This is very obvious in the unnatural way children are brought to the world these days. Health care, in their controlling madness, has completely taken away the natural role of the mother, as well as the protecting role of the father. We can see that most people alive now, are born therefore in an unnatural way, causing their first trauma. Realising this, we should not be surprised that our today’s world is completely unnatural.


In our society, through a modern education, combined with the current educational system, we teach our children an unnatural way of living and -behaviour. Hello, what are we up to here? On the other hand, people who are trying to do things in a natural way, will get a visit from the criminals from Child Care or some other person. Which is another big story, about a worldwide criminal network for child abduction en –abuse by horrifying powerful criminals.


In our unnatural society socio- and psychopaths with no conscious are free to abuse and trample down the weakest systematically. We can only end this crying situation, by starting to behave natural again and no longer let them take our natural mother- and father role from us. Therefore, let us join together. I hereby call on every parent who is, because of an unnatural way of living, struggling with the terror of Child Care or (the Agency for Child Abuse), to report this to me, so that together we can make us strong against these family-destroying institutes. I hereby place my website to everyone’s disposal, for this matter. For I am really sick of it! It must and will stop now!


The myth of female emancipation completely destroyed the natural household-structure with around it the natural family structure. When, finally, are we really waking up? When, finally, will we start to thing for ourselves? Where will be draw the line, when will we stand up as lions for ourselves and for our children?


You could do some research on natural labouring. You could get into natural ways of healing, especially in Natural Health Care. Read about natural foods. Read about everything that is important to you and don’t let anyone make you believe anything. Make sure you are sure for 100%. Wholly Science offers you in this a holistic approach, from where you can make your own choices for further investigations.



8. The myth of “We need meat”


To start with: It is an enormous lie to state that mankind needs to eat meat to get all the necessary vitamins that are lacking in vegetable foods. This lie implicates that our bodies would not be capable of producing these vitamins itself, based on the right vegetable food and sunlight. All the necessary nutritional elements can be obtained directly or indirectly from vegetable food, so there is no need at all for eating meat.


The American animal rights-activist Gary Yourofsky (1970), who is affiliated with the Pateo Academia (link), has had his physical body tested on the presence of a great number of essential nutritional components, after nearly 20 years of living vegan. On his website (link), which stands for Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow, he mentions openly the values of all these components.  With this, he is the living proof that the supposed need for the consumption of meat is a myth. Together with him, there are lots of other people to proof this, including myself. That is, I have stopped eating meat when I was 13 years old, after in my first year of middle school I did a lecture and found out about the brutal practices of systematic animal abuse. From than on, I never felt I missed something in my diet. And what’s more, I have such an excellent health that in 2007 I terminated my Health Insurance, which has saved me a lot of money since than. I rather spend all that money on healthy, organic vegetable food, which contributes on top of that to maintaining my health.


Furthermore, it is completely ludicrous and a lie that mankind would be at the top of the food chain. There are many animal species that are capable of eating unarmed humans lock, stock and barrel, so clearly they do not stand under humans. In fact, by nature humans are no part at all of the natural food chain, which will be under discussion in one of following myths. The thing is, people are standing next to this food chain, so they are in no way on top of it.


Real carnivores don’t eat just raw meat, they eat the entire dead body. Humans who try to do the same, get seriously ill immediately and they can even die. Let’s take a look at our teeth, our nails, our saliva and our large and small intestines, than we humans are 100% alike to animal herbivores, 0% to animal carnivores en 0% to animal omnivores. So, by nature mankind is a plant eater!


We need to look at the ethics matter as well. In my opinion it is completely unethical when consumption of animal dead bodies of animal secretions takes place after crying harm to the animals. Why do we people think we have the right to treat animal creatures this brutally? In fact, we do not. The only true God points us the way to respect for all living creatures, including respect for the wellness of all animals.


Not to mention what is in it, in meat. First of all, all growth hormones and other unnatural additives end up in humans through the food. Which applies as well for all the stress these animals have suffered from. And what about the quality of the food they give to these animals? In German it says: “Man ist was Man isst”, meaning: man is what man eats. This applies for the animals and subsequently also for the people who think they must eat them.


It is not up to me to tell others they should stop eating meat. Which I pointedly won’t! Everyone has their own responsibility, or not? What is up to me, is to refute myths, so that no one can continue argument what is right when it’s wrong.



7. The myth of racism


It is impossible to divide humankind in clearly distinctive races. The external noticeable differences that we can observe are just varieties within one and the same race, called the homo sapiens. The idea of racism is meant to create discord within people, just like communism, capitalism, fascism, Nazism and Zionism (of which the last three are all the same). The real problem of humankind is not on the outside, but on the inside. Within living memory there are creatures in human disguise who think they stand above ordinary people. These creatures not just look down on ordinary people. No, they truly hate the full-blooded humans of this planet. This goes back at least from the time of the pharaohs in Old Egypt. The pharaoh and his army emerged in the sea and what this meant is that they emerged in de sea of people. This is the one and only Diaspora. Through secret societies these so-called ‘higher creatures’ have interconnected. Throughout the ages they have always worshipped Isis, as their (symbolic) primitive mother.


In the middle ages these creatures also have organised openly as the Knights of the Temple of Solomon, later also known as the Order of the Temple, shorted as The Templars. They wanted to take possession of the land surrounding Jerusalem and therefore began with their crusades. The last bastion of the Templars came down on May 18, 1291, after which they withdrew in Switzerland, which was founded on August 1, 1291 (only 2,5 months later). It is not hard to see the resemblance between the Swiss flag and the one of the Templars. Is it not striking that wealthy Switzerland, loaded with gold, has not been invaded in both world wars? In the middle of Europe, this country forms an independent state, standing apart from the European Union, exactly like Vatican City is independent from Italy, London City is independent from Great Britain and Washington DC is independent from the USA. It will be obvious that Switzerland takes part in the same way of this Empire of the Three Cities.


At the time Switzerland was founded, French was the language in Europe. The original French name for Switzerland is Suisse, which is a contraction of Sui Isis (after Isis). Also the Nazi shortening of SS is an homage to iSiS and so does the name Skull & boneS. And we could go on with even more examples. Take a look at the numerous obelisks in the world and you can see that the ancient Egyptians are nowadays still trying to rule over this planet. The pharaohs became the European aristocrats, their armies were at first the Templars en subsequently the Freemasons. These soldiers of the aristocrats are still being knighted.


For the purpose of putting people with a bit lighter coloured skin up against people with somewhat darker colour, the Swiss originated Freemasons invented in 1865 the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). This name is derived from the comparison of dark tinted people with Swiss cows with such a large bell around the neck. The German word for cow is Kuh, and the German word for bell is Glocke. The word Klan means, among other, tribe or race. The English pronunciation of German words Kuh Glocke Klan changed it into Ku Klux Klan. Both mean cow bell race). The European immigrants from the Southern states of the USA were namely largely German-speaking (originating from mostly Switzerland and Germany). The civil war within the USA was therefore between the mostly German speaking Southern states against the mostly English speaking northern states. The KKK is therefore of Swiss origin (as the comparison of the KKK flag with the Switzerland flag indicates, and especially when we also compare it with the Templars flag). The official motto of the Swiss parliament is also abbreviated as KKK, which stands for the German words Konsens Kompromiss Konkordanz (meaning: Consensus Compromise Concordance). Switzerland still has a very strict immigration policy, based on a deep-seated xenophobia of the (alleged) descendants of Pharaoh and his army. Wholly Science tells us even much more about this: First of all, the letter K is the 11th letter of our alphabet? The numerological value of ISIS is twice an 11 (the SS gives 11, and both I’s give II, which also is a kind of 11). And what do we get when we multiply this value of 11 with the trinity? The KKK (meaning triple 11) was founded in the year 1865, which also equals the numerological value of 11! Can this be all coincidence? Wholly Science shows that what ignorant people refer to as coincidence chance is in fact unseen dynamics. Furthermore, the numerological value of ‘Knights Templar’ is also 11. These Knights founded themselves in the year 1111 (as a tribute to 1S1S). Catholic Church officially endorsed the Order of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon in 1129 (as 2+9 also makes 11, this also is a sort of 1111 year).


The core of this story is that these (putative) creatures, so the aristocrats and the highest-in-rank Freemasons, think that they are closer to the gods then ordinary people. According to the Sumerian clay tablets the gods who created mankind, are reptile-like, alien creatures. The aristocrats and the freemasons suppose they spring from the (forced) crossbreeding between male reptile-like, alien creatures and female homo sapiens (like, by the way, it says in the bible too), symbolised by them as Isis. While ordinary (full blood) homo sapiens are warm blooded (having red blood), semi-reptiles assume they are cold-blooded (having blue blood). Ever since the time of the pharaohs, these putative semi-reptiles therefore take an effort in keeping their bloodlines as ‘blue’ as possible. It is these (putative) hybrid bloodlines of the (putative) semi-reptiles who are tyrannizing mankind for the last thousands of years.


In the enervation of the myth ‘we need meat’, I was angry about the brutal way we think we may deal with animals, however what these (putative) hybrid bloodlines are doing to damage, mutilate, abuse, rape and murder the people they hate so much, is, if possible, far more cruel. The most bizarre thing is that the trampled-down, maltreated en robbed people keep waving their little flags to these (putative) cold-blooded. Or is this a matter of the so-called Stockholm syndrome on a collective level?


At the top of the cold-blooded power pyramid we find, we quite some time now, Elizabeth Windsor (1926). She is actually the current pharaoh. She will be succeeded by her grandson William Windsor (1982). Both names have the numerical value 1. Relatively high in this hierarchy of (alleged) bastards, we find Beatrix van Amsberg (1938), whose name also gives the numerological value of 1. The highest military commander (or knight ) of the current pharaoh is Evelyn de Rothschild (1931), whose name also gives the numerological value of 1. It's really not that hard to explain. In order to expose their secret pyramid structure of these power-lustful cockroaches, we simply follow the money. These control freaks forced ordinary people into their power by corrupting the money system.


Besides corrupting the money system and many other means and measures, these power-driven cockroaches deliberately invented racism (in addition to the other “isms” as mentioned above). Their basic tactics is simply ‘divide and conquer’. However, racism is based on a myth because all (full blood) people are belonging to one and the same race, that is the race of human beings. If there is indeed another humanlike race on this planet, then the other race is the hybrid race of cold blooded semi-reptiles. If this distinction is really true, then I think it is about time that these cold bloods leave this planet as soon as possible to go  and live with the families of their original fathers for at least a few millennia. When we then share their assets fairly among all warm red-bloods, then everyone, without any exception, will become multi millionaire in one fell swoop. Thus we also solve all other problems, because these are all, piece by piece, intentionally caused by this power-hungry, unscrupulous parasites.



6. The Myth of continental drift


The theory of continental drift postulates that the upper tectonic plates are floating around the earth’s surface. This theory has been taken for granted by almost every academic scientist. This view implies that the continental plates are sliding underneath each other (so-called subduction). How could the bottom of the ocean sink away in an earth layer that has a density twice as big? So obviously, that can not be the case. The most evident fact that disproves this scientific madness, is the age of the oceans. Nowhere on this planet (with an estimated age of 4,5 billion years) we find a piece of ocean bottom that is older then 200 million years. In other words, up until that time (so up until about 200 million years ago) there were no oceans on this planet! This means that up until 200 million years ago all continents formed one sphere-shaped surface (during approximately 4,3 billion years as of the birth of Mother Earth, who is called Terra by Wholly Science).


Computer simulations support all this. In these simulations our planet in her current circumference slowly shrinks like some kind of a deflating balloon, and subsequently all coastlines fit practically perfect to one another, on a twice as small planet (video). Anyone who tries to determine this as a ‘coincidence’, simply has no idea what real science is, at which there is no place for the unscientific concept of ‘coincidence’ as a refuge for lack of understanding.


The real scientific truth is that the oceans grow bigger and bigger from the ocean rifts. The strongest growth currently takes place in the Indian Ocean. Moreover, also a new rift is growing in the East of Africa, where the next ocean will develop. With this real science we can explain as well why the water of the oceans is salt (and all other water is fresh). That is because the gases submerging from these rifts are full of Sodium and Chloride. Because every high school student knows the chemical formula of the most common salt, this argument seems completely clear to me.


By turning the continental drift theory upside down, than we get the real scientific truth. For the continents are not drifting at all, they are stuck. However, because the radius of this planet is slowly increasing, the spaces between the continents are getting larger. Up until approximately 250 million years ago the total sphere surface of Terra was only covered with land (the same as we still can see on for instance Venus). Nowadays, approximately 150 million square kilometres of land is part of a much larger water sphere, with a total surface of more than 510 million square kilometres. This means that nowadays 70,9 percent of Terra’s sphere surface has become water. Furthermore, this percentage will imperturbable keep growing. To be more precise, Samuel Carey (1911 – 2002) proved in his book ‘The Expanding Earth’ that this growth goes even faster and faster (link).


This all means that more and more matter is coming on Terra. However, where does this matter (like all the water) is coming from? Now we get to the other academic myths (most of which just did not make it into this Pateo Myths Top 10), like the one of the putative Law of Conservation of Energy. First of all, academic ‘science’ has no clue about what energy really is. The same applies for matter. My theory is that matter origins from (sun-)light. Further explanation of this you can find below at the exposure of Myth Number 5.


So now that we know the putative continental drift does not exist, we can dissolve some other mysteries as well. In parts of the earth’s surface that used to lie next to each other, we find the remains of exactly the same flora and fauna, while these parts lie many sea miles apart nowadays, divided by ocean water. Also the disappearance of the dinosaurs is a matter of the faster and faster expanding of our planet. On a twice smaller planet, there is far less “gravity” (whatever that may be). With the current downward pressure on the earth’s surface for instance a Brontosaur could not stand on his feet, he could only lie down fully stretched and flattened on the ground, to be pushed to death at the same time by his own weight.


Why is it that university ‘scientists’ dare not accept that our mother planet is an expanding sphere? They do not dare because one after another all ‘nature laws’ will be exposed as unnecessary limiting views. Than it will be clear that the academic ‘science’ has bounded humankind for over 2,5 centuries to a far too limited understanding of reality. Shall we finally end this ‘highly educated’ deception? Shall we massively head to Wholly Science now? I would be honoured to give lectures on this subject on all current school levels, from primary education to university. Let us now free ourselves from all unnecessary limiting views. According to my understanding, every form of limitation is redundant, for we all are capable of much more than we in our current state of mind can possibly think of.



5. The Myth of gravity


That gravity would be an independent force of nature is a myth. Before I will get into the contents of the myth of gravity, I first would like to draw the attention to the role that “science” has played in our society. A long time ago the priesthood had the patent on the “truth”. The ordinary man believed that the priests were closer to God, and that they therefore had a better perspective on the truth. In our modern (Godless) society the academic scientists have taken over this part. And again the trough compulsory education brainwashed people believe that every other but themselves have a better view on the truth. When a heathen heretic (someone from outside the academic pecking order) has the nerve to doubt this academic patent on the “truth”, there are plenty of adepts to attack a sinner like that in the virtual world of internet. In my opinion science needs to be about impartial truth finding. Unfortunately, academic “science” is solely about holding tight with desperate tenacity to unfounded theories. I could easily falsify many of these insane theories, as I did with the myth of the continental drift (see Myth number 6) and as I will do now with the insanity of gravity.


Every high school student learns at Physics that power of gravity in between two masses is being divided by the square of their mutual  distance. This is even called the law of Gravity by Isaac Newton (1632-1727). Priests used to tell what was supposed to be God’s law, now “scientists” sell describing formulas as (explaining) laws of nature. However, how is this gravitational force being submitted between both (‘dead’) masses, for which no distance is large enough? This painful question was dissolved by physics fiction by simply making up a hypothetic particle. This hypothetic part, called a graviton, has no mass at all (dormant). In other words: a graviton does not exist in the real world, it only exists in the science fiction formulas of which ignorant people think it would be scientific.


The only thing Isaac Newton did was catching in a mathematical formula of the planetary orbits, which is not a scientific explanation. Nor can it be found in physic reality, as I explained in my books on Wholly Science. Physic reality agrees with the shadows on the wall in Plato’s allegory of the cave. That is why I call the physic world the shadow world. The academic “science” has locked itself in this shadow world, which fits the material, empiric reality. As we can not find the explanation for a shadow on the wall of the cave, academic “scientists” have fantasised a castle in the air full of madness, such as black holes, time space curves, antimatter, dark matter, dark energy and fictive particles such as gluons and gravitons. Their way of thinking does not reach beyond the cave wall (read: the reality of ‘dead’ matter) and therefore they had to make up all kinds of nonsense to get to more or less coherent descriptions. Only ignorant people might be impressed by this scientific insanity.


By understanding Wholly Science, we also start to see the naked truth of academic science fiction, which brings us further and further away from really knowing how the universe functions. In the shadow world, the vital powers of Earth and Air dominate. Earth stands for all physical abilities, and Air for all chemical properties. The top half of the observed reality consists of indeed air, and the lower half of earth.


The world befor the shadow world (on the other side of the vein), I call the proto world. Here, the vital powers of Water and Fire dominate. Water stands for all magnetic properties and Fire for, amongst others, all electric properties. Like the shadows on the cave wall are being caused by the objects that block the light, the physical and chemical properties from the shadow world are caused by a combined action of magnetism and electricity (which belong to the proto world, as in the shadow world we can only perceive the effects of these proto forces). The big problem with the academic “science” is that magnetism as well as electricity are being seen as shadow phenomena, caused by the movement of matterial particles, while in reality, exactly the reverse of this is true. Furthermore, the elimination from the academic theories (by Albert Einstein) of the metaphysic substance of the omnipresent field, called Aether, was another huge mistake.


To return to the myth of gravity: An apple is not being pulled down from beneath, as was Newton’s opinion, but it is pushed down from above. This pushing movement originates by the constant Aether flow following the spiralling magnetic lines. At least, that is my theory. And I guess that someone like Edward Leedskalnin (1887 – 1951) has (re-) discovered how enormous coral stone rocks start to float after switching their magnetic poles. That is how he could build his Coral Castle park in Florida, USA. Also Victor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) and Victor Grebennikov (1927 – 2001) have occupied themselves with the dynamics of spiralling Aether flows. Grebennikov created some kind of flying skateboard, while Schauberger helped the Nazi’s to build flying saucers. The works of either of these real scientists irrefutably shows that gravity is not an autonomous force of nature. And if you would like to find out this for yourself, you could participate in a party levitation (just search for yourself, and you will find how it goes).


Are you still not convinced? In 1977, Bruce E. DePalma (1935 – 1997) has irrefutably proved that rotating balls climb higher and fall faster (link, link). Why has physics then hushed this fact? On the Massachusetts Institute of Technology website even a video is posted, where you can see how the end of a rotating board falls faster than a little ball (link), but no one dares to relate this to DePalma’s work (please note that the average falling speed of the board equals that of the ball). The working principle of the Haunebu flying saucers, on which Schauberger has worked, has also everything to do with rotating drives.


I find it incomprehensible that the mathematic madness of Einstein is (more or less) known to everyone, although this is of no value to us, while we would never have got ourselves in the energy crisis with the practical knowledge of Leedskalnin, Schauberger and Grebennikov, but these scientific insights are pretty much unknown to almost everybody. Over the last two and a half century, the academic scientists were able to fill their pockets considerably with our collective money, with which they were able to regularly throw dress-up parties, but now this fake science of theirs should be brought to an end once and for all. Therefore, shall we just ignore these intellectual fraudsters from now on?



4. The myth of evolution between species


In 1859, a book was published written by Charles Darwin (1809-1882) in which he described a theory about the origin of the different spiecies on this planet. The essence of this theory is that species would evolve into other species in their struggle to survive. However, this evolution theory is the greatest scientific blunder ever. Below, I will prove beyond any doubt why this evolution theory is miserably wrong on the basis of ten irrefutable facts:


Fact 1: The first prokaryotes arrived on this planet about 4 billion years ago.

Our planet named Terra is about 4.6 billion years old. The oldest organisms living on Terra are the single-celled prokaryotes. It is completely impossible that these single-celled organisms could arise naturally in such a relative short period of only 600 million years. What happened in those first hundreds of million years of existence of Terra was the cooling down of Terra’s crust, causing it to solidify. How could life spontaneously animate from inorganic chemicals in seas comprised of seething lava? After more than one billion years of cooling down, the algae arose as the oldest single-celled plant life. How could a single-cell animal (the prokaryote), which is capable of moving, arise on Terra 500 million years before the first single-cell plant, incapable of moving? There is no natural explanation for this. The only logical explanation is that the prokaryotes arrived here from outer space.


Fact 2: From the start on, there are two distinct types of prokaryotes: the bacteria and the archaea.

When these two distinct single-celled organisms would have ‘accidentally’ arrived together via an impacting meteorite, both species must also have packed enough hydrogen sulfide to survive the long journey through outer space. This, of course, does not make any sense at all. The only logical explanation is that both types of prokaryotes were brought intentionally to Terra in order to produce oxygen as an essential ingredient for the atmosphere in which aerobic organisms can live. When one type would not work, then the other might to the job. And indeed, after 500 million years of producing oxygen by the prokaryotes, the first aerobic life form, being the algae, came into existence.


Fact 3: About 2 billion years ago, suddenly the eukaryotes arrived.

Both types of prokaryotes are very simple life forms without a nucleus. They lived for 2 billion years without changing even the slightest bit. Perhaps, the evolution theory was still sleeping then. Suddenly, about 2 billion years ago, a single-cell organism arrived on Terra with a very complex cell structure called the eukaryote. How can an anaerobic simple single-cell organism transform into a more then hundred times larger aerobic complex single-cell organism in just one evolutionary step? Also for this fact, there is no natural explanation. The only logical explanation is that the eukaryotes were also intentionally brought to Terra. This was done because the eukaryotes are capable of producing much more oxygen then the prokaryotes. Therefore, the Creators (whoever they might be) upgraded the oxygen production on Terra by bringing in the eukaryotes.


Fact 4: About 530 million years ago, suddenly thousands of marine animal and plant species arrived.

This outburst of thousands of marine animal and plant species is called the Cambrian explosion. Again, there is no natural explanation for this sudden explosion of marine life forms. The only logical explanation is that the Creators brought all these distinct marine species to Terra. All current life forms on Terra originate from these first thousands of species. The horseshoe crab is the only one of the original animal species that is still present on Terra. After more then 500 million years ago it has not changed a bit. That is rather hard to explain when you believe in the Darwinian theory of evolution, in which nature keeps on making random genetic changes, but not in the case of the horseshoe crab (and neither in the case of the prokaryotes).


Fact 5: There is no evidence at all that supports the existence of even one transitional specie.

The Darwinian idea of macroevolution is that one specie gradually evolves into another specie. This idea is clearly false, since after more then hundred-fifty years of research, there is not a single peace of evidence that supports this incorrect idea. Natural microevolution only occurs within species. Those who still believe in accidental macroevolution are clearly fools or they allow themselves to be fooled.


Fact 6: The “hominoids” are evolved apes and differ strongly from the human Cro Magnon Man.

The first upright walking apes evolved about 4 million years ago on Terra from the monkey species. Some of these ape species are still present today, such as the gorillas, the chimpanzees, the orangutans, and the gibbons. About 2 million years ago first, these ape species evolved into so-called “hominoids”, such as the Australopithecus, the Homo Erectus, and the Neanderthal. These hominoids are however not human beings, but ape beings. The correct name for the “Homo Erectus” therefore is “Simia Erectus” (Simia is Latin for Ape, while Homo is Latin for Man).


All ape beings have arm lengths that equal the leg lengths. They also have a very strong, heavy bone structure. Human beings have however much shorter arms then legs, have a much thinner and weaker bone structure, and have a clearly different skull shape. Ape beings neither have a forehead, nor a chin, as do human beings. The footprint of ape beings differ clearly from a human footprint, since ape beings walk different (meaning more natural), and their foot bone structure is far more robust, since these feet are supporting much more weight. Human beings also has very poor night vision, compared to ape beings. Ape beings are fully hairy, that protects them well. Human beings lack this full furry protection, and therefore need to wear for instance the furry skin of dead animals in order to stay alive. Further more, a young female ape being can easily rip a full-grown male human being into peaces. Perhaps even more striking evidence that the human beings did not naturally evolve from ape beings is that humans have one pair of chromosomes less compared to apes. For none of these facts, there is a natural explanation. The only logical explanation is that the human beings were created through genetic modification. The Creators apparently created a new species based on their own genetic image. Since they probably have 23 pairs of chromosomes (like human beings do), they merged two pairs of ape being chromosomes into one pair of human being chromosomes. That is exactly what we find when we compare the human chromosomes with ape chromosomes. Merging of chromosomes is not natural. It can only be done by genetic engineering.


Fact 7: Evolved ape beings are still living on Terra.

About half off Terra’s land mass that is not covered with ice is impassable to us humans, and therefore unknown to us. Most of that is covered with gigantic forests. At the borders of these, for humans impassable forests, our ancestors have encountered evolved ape beings since time immemorial. These evolved ape beings are called sasquatch, yeti or bigfoot. These sightings go on until present day, and are sometimes also captured on video (link). The ignorant masses think this is all a joke. The real joke is however the ignorance of masses fed by the fraudulent university scholars and the controlled mainstream mass media. These ignorant masses can easily be convinced that huge, furry, black and white vegan creature is a bear instead of an evolved ape being. Since the panda is a very stupid ape being, it could eventually be captured (after 60 years of trying!). The other evolved species of ape beings that are still present on Terra are much smarter, and are active during the night (in the areas where the bears rule during day time). That is why humans are rarely able to catch them.


Fact 8: Domesticated plants and animals did appear suddenly.

There is no natural explanation for the origin of domesticated plants like corn and wheat, nor for the origin of domesticated animals like cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. Again, genetic modification is the only logical explanation for there existence on Terra. The best proof for this genetic intervention is the cheetah, which is a genetic mixture of a dog and a cat. More remarkably, all cheetahs have exactly the same DNA profile. This proofs that this animal is not natural, but instead a clone, designed for hunting purposes.


Fact 9: The genetic design of humans is full of errors.

Over 4.000 genetic disorders are documented for us, human beings. For a species that is on Terra for only about 200.000 years, this could never have occurred naturally, since nature smoothly eliminates disorders. The only logical explanation for this is that we humans were genetically engineered, and that it apparently has been very difficult to get it done sufficiently well.


Fact 10. A genuine non-human, non-hominoid skull exists.

The nine undisputable facts proving mainstream science to be utterly wrong as mentioned above are present in the work of Lloyd Anthony Pye (1946). Because of his outstanding research, Lloyd was allowed to do research on a 900 years old Starchild Skull, which is indisputably neither human nor hominoid. This skull definitely proves the existence of a life form like us humans with however a much larger brain. To learn more about this, visit Lloyd’s website (link). To see Lloyd present these ten remarkable facts and much more, click here.



3. The Myth of the Holocaust


According to the official history, there have been murdered 6 million Jews during the Second World War (WWII). Let us start by determining that the word Jew refers to a human being who beliefs in (amongst others) the Torah. For as you know, we cannot speak about ‘a certain race’, because there does not exist a Jewish race, as we disproved in Myth nr. 10. For the official statement that 6 million Jewish believers have been killed, there is no prove at all. Not a single wall in Auschwitz, for instance, shows any traces of poison gas. There were not found any remains that would be the beginning of prove of such a mass murder. In 2011 a certain person named Gewain published 10 proves that definitely ended the myth of the Holocaust (link). The most astounding evidence for me lies in the token census. In the World Almanac of 1938 one counted 15,748 million Jews. And in the World Almanac of 1947 it says 15,688 million Jews. The difference is less then 60.000 people. Would there have been 6 million Jews murdered in the intermediate years, there should have been born almost 6 million Jewish baby’s in the same period of time, or, nearly 6 million heathens would have to have converted to the Jewish religion.


It will be clear to everyone that this naturally did not happen and that the Holocaust is clearly a myth. This also appears from the official counting of the Red Cross of people who died in the Nazi camps (link). This total number of casualties is 271,304 (link). This so-called Holocaust is therefore probably the worst case of history-falsification within living memory.


By the way, did you know that the world famous ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ is also a forgery, because the original manuscript is for the greatest part written in ballpoint, which did not exist at the time. Every day there is a long line of people, waiting to visit the museum in Amsterdam, based on this fake diary. In a similar way also the work of Shakespeare is not completely real, because the manuscripts mentioning this name are produced in secret by a hired writer’s collective, so that England too would have its own ‘genius’ author, who in reality even never existed.


What really happened in WWII, is that approximately 50 million human beings have been killed and as far as I know not one reptile being. Should the reptiles (disguised as humans) indeed have the goal to reduce human population into less than the number of 500 million (as written on the Georgia Guidestones), they did good business in WWII. I suppose they are eager to finish their job through WWIII.


Reptilians are creatures that are fully controlled by their cerebral cortex, which is also called the reptile brain. They have no conscience. We can typecast them as psychopaths en sociopaths. I dare oppose that all leaders in the top of our society, none excepted, are such reptile creatures. Anyone with a normal developed conscience would not be able to function on that level in our present, insane society.


Hitler did not hate Jews, he was one himself: an Ashkenazi Jew. He and all the other ‘Übermenschen’ (meaning; superior humans) were in reality reptile creatures, and they did not lose the war. They let 50 million human beings kill each other and then hid mostly in Antarctica and America (both South and North).


These reptile creatures still control planet Earth. With in the top the British house of reptiles (Windsor). Also high in rank is the Dutch house of reptiles (Van Amsberg). It took the current self-proclaimed Dutch monarch a long time to find a female reptile and he finally succeeded, because his wife, as he himself origins from the German landlord Pieter Halbach (1634-1686). His mother and former Dutch monarch, who behind the screens is still in charge, is the most cold blooded creature I ever saw. And that also her father had no conscience is no longer a state secret. Okay, enough about these cold blooded reptile creatures.


Why have they mentioned 6 million murders, to falsify history? As a child I watched on television the adventures of the 6 million man. One million, furthermore, is a number with 6 zero’s. The numerological value of ‘million Jews’ is also a 6. Would ‘6 million Jews’ perhaps refer to 666? Also the star that was used as a symbol has 6 points. Ten papers have mentioned the 6 million Jews that were supposedly killed. Conclusion: This is big time brainwashing of mankind.


An important goal (of the reptile power pyramid) of WWI was, besides the killing of approximately 8,5 million human beings, the founding of Palestine as an English mandate area, after conquering this area on the Ottoman kingdom. After that, WWII came with as an important goal the founding of the state of Israel in that area. So, both wars were in fact strategies in a far bigger game. The exposure of also this bigger picture is possible through Wholly Science, including the understanding of the planned sequel.



2. The myth of the historical Jesus


What could be worse than to deny the Holocaust? That is, of course, the denial of the existence of the historical Jesus. However, the claim that about 2000 years ago a man named Jesus would have lived is indeed Myth number 2, which is debunked below.


Is there any historical evidence that shows that a man named Jesus (or any variation of this name) lived in an area east of the Mediterranean Sea that was known in ancient times as Canaan and later, from the Roman occupation about two thousand years ago on as Palestine? The indisputable answer is: No! There is no one reliable historical source that can even confirm a tiny part of the stories about Jesus as written down in the New Testament. On the other hand, there have been at least twenty books written about this Jesus Myth:

o       The Ruins, or, Meditation on the Revolutions of Empires and the Law of Nature - Constantin-François Volney (1796)

o       Christus und die Cäsaren - Bruno Bauer (1877) [in German]

o       Pagan Christs - John Robertson (1903)

o       The Historical Jesus - John Robertson (1916)

o       Did Jesus Ever Live - or Is Christianity Founded Upon a Myth - Historicus (pseudonym of Jacob Benjamin) (1972)

o       The Survival of the Pagan Gods - Jean Seznec (1972)

o       Jezus de Nazoreeër. Een studie over de historiciteit van Jezus en de oorsprong van het christendom - Pierre Krijbolder (1976) [in Dutch]

o       The Historical Evidence for Jesus - G.A. Wells (1982)

o       The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth - John M. Allegro (1992)

o       The Jesus Myth - G.A. Wells (1999)

o       Jesus: One Hundred Years Before Christ: A Study in Creative Mythology - Alvar Ellegård (1999)

o       The Jesus Mysteries: Was the 'Original Jesus' a Pagan God? - Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy (1999)

o       The Crucial Bridge: The Elijah-Elisha Narrative as an Interpretive Synthesis of Genesis-Kings and a Literary Model for the Gospels - Thomas L. Brodie (2000)

o       Deconstructing Jesus - Robert M. Price (2000)

o       The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man: How Reliable is the Gospel Tradition? - Robert M. Price (2003)

o       The Roman Origins of Christianity - Joseph Atwill (2003)

o       Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus - Joseph Atwill (2005)

o       The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light - Tom Harpur (2005)

o       The Messiah Myth: The Near Eastern Roots of Jesus and David - Thomas L. Thompson (2005)

o       War Jesus Caesar?: Eine Suche nach dem römischen Ursprung des Christentums - Francesco Carotta (2009) [in German]


Neither is there any historic record of a place called Nazareth. In reality, “Jesus of Nazareth” means that Jesus is of Sirius, meaning that the star Sirius is the mother of Jesus.


The only “sources” that would indicate that a man named Jesus would have lived about two millennia ago are the four Gospels. The oldest of these four, according to all researchers, is the Gospel of Mark. However, in this Gospel we read nothing about the virgin birth, nothing about the Sermon on the Mount, nothing about the prayer of “Our Father”, nor anything about many other important facts in the assumed life of this man named Jesus. All these details were suddenly added some 40 years later in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is a man. But in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, he is a demigod. While in the last written Gospel of John, Jesus is even put down as God himself. On top of that, there are also many more notable differences that further support the Myth of Jesus as a man.


Did you know that Mark, Matthew, Luke and John are not the names of the authors of the Gospels? It is completely unknown who the real writers (or copiers) of these scriptures have been. Suppose Jesus would indeed haven been born in the year 4 BCE, as alleged, and that he indeed was nailed to a cross at the age of 33 years (what then must have happened in the year 28 of our common era), why then wait about half a lifetime (meaning: at least 40 years) before writing down all these miraculous events? When we pass on a story from mouth to ear in a circle, a completely different version of this story will emerge in only a few minutes. Therefore, the sooner we write it down, the more veracious it will be.


Therefore, the story of the historical Jesus is a myth. However, that is not the end of the story of Jesus. On the contrary, the realization that Jesus is not a human being is the starting point for the process of understanding of the true identity of Jesus. It is this true identity of Jesus that Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) painted at the end of the 15th century in “The Last Supper”, as I describe in my latest book “Understanding God”. Da Vinci had in fact knowledge of Astro-Theology, which is an important part of Wholly Science. Da Vinci knew that Jesus is the personification of our sun, whom I call Helios, just like the Ancient Greeks did. Jesus is indeed the Sun of God. Every year again, Our Father in who art in (the Fourth) Heaven (also know as Jesus or Helios) dies on the cross (of the Zodiac) during the winter solstice. Next, after three days, he rises from the dead during the sunrise of December 25th. With the same logical ease, Wholly Science explains all other Christian holidays as well.


Furthermore, the four Gospels were originally not written in Aramaic (the spoken language at that time) in Palestine, nor in Hebrew, but in Greek. The name that has been translated as Jesus (in English) was written in the original Greek version as ΙΗΣΟΥΣ (to be pronounced as “Jee sous”). The ones responsible for the (secret) organization of the Order of the Jesuits know all this very well. Their logo is a sort of Latin version of the first three letters of this Greek name, namely IHS, written in the middle of a symbolic representation of the sun Helios (or Jesus). The rulers in the Vatican also know that it's all about the sun of God, as since 1993, they constantly keep an eye on Helios through a nearly two meter wide telescope on Mount Graham in the U.S. state of Arizona. Did you know that the Vatican also owns the oldest observatory? By taking a good look at the symbolism that we find in this power stronghold, it becomes perfectly clear that both the Egyptian sun god Amun-Ra and the Christian personage of Jesus are personifications of the sun Helios, and so is Surya (from the Indian Vedas), Shamash (from the time of Mesopotamia), and (Kinich) Ahau of the Mayans. Apart from Helios, Ancient Greeks named this sun god also Apollo, followed by Mithras. The sun Helios (also knows as Jesus, Ra, Surya, Shamash, Ahau, Apollo, Mithras, or any other name whatsoever) is indeed the creating god at the level of our solar system (the level of Sol) as Wholly Science shows. Above this level, there are three higher Heavens. The Supreme Creator God resides in the Highest Heaven, which is the Seventh Heaven (the level of Do), as I describe in my book “Understanding God”.


Let there be no misunderstanding about the fact that I consider the book collection known as “The Holy Bible” or “The Scripture” to be the wording of the Will of God, although these 66 books were written down (or copied) approximately 40 different scribes, over a period of about one and a half millennium. The core of the Original (or First or Old) Testament of God is that everyone who does not abide by God’s Rules, known as the Ten Commandments, is dead to God. The function of the Later (or Second or New) Testament is to offer transgressors of these Ten Commandments a second chance. In this New Testament, the personification of the local Light Bringer is used to explain how transgressors can acquire this second change granted by God.


We experience the reading of the Bible as being laborious. That is because it is a valid will, and it is therefore written in a legal language. Subsequently, this Divine Testament (consisting of two parts) was abused as a template by the beings who are possessed by an insatiable hunger for power. Both the self-devised rules of the national legislature within countries (and also of the international legislature over them) and the rules of the religions are unlawful counterfeits of the Law of God. Every human being has from birth automatically a Covenant with God, as is lawfully recorded in God’s Old Testament. However, this Divine Covenant between God and every child of God, immediately gets annihilated when a worshipping connection is established with an idol. For God, every state and every religion is such an idol. The word “religion” proves the malice behind this grant deception, as “re” means “again” and the Latin “ligare” means “to bind”. Every religious believer, regardless of what religion it is, allows itself to be re-binded, and thereby immediately loses its birthright on God’s inheritance as recorded in God’s Testament. Therefore, it might be a very good idea to thoroughly study the New Testament in order to acquire this second chance on inheriting our birthright. By succeeding in being born again before God, we automatically rehabilitate our birthright on the inheritance of God. Then the Christ has risen again in us. The story of the Christ is thus a story about us. We can rise from the (spiritual) dead, because frankly, we are almost all long dead before God. Jesus an the Christ are therefore two completely different identities. The genuine identity of Jesus is the sun Helios. The identity of the Christ can be any man who places himself under God again. That is why the title of my latest book “Understanding God” also means to me “Standing under God”.



1. The myth of the living Devil


Now we have arrived at the disclosure of the biggest myth according to the Pateo Myths Top 10. At the number one position, there is the myth of the living devil. This a myth, as the Devil is not at all alive. The Devil is dead. Many credulous now think might be able to get relieved, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Just like is the case with Santa Claus, the mythical existence of a living Devil was created religious rapscallions in order to control ignorant believers by their fears. Over the years, this devilish invention has been given many names such as Satan, Lucifer, Baphomet, Astaroth, Azazot, Loki, Mephisto, Mammon, Diabolus, Beelzebub, and much more. Even the familiar children spell of Abracadabra was originally a name of the Devil, while later it was said that this spell would drive away satanic demons.


The well-known (nonsense) story goes that God supposedly wanted to teach the jealous Devil (who was said to the prettiest, smartest, and most perfect one of all) a lesson, and therefore send him out. By being hurt in his pride, the Devil then decided to prove himself an even greater Creator than God. However, while God creates Good, the Devil creates Evil. In other words, this story is about the age-old struggle of GO(O)D versus (D)EVIL. There is just one fundamental problem with this view, because at the very highest level of God, there exists only wholeness (or unity, as some say). The duality between good and evil starts only at the level below God. Wholly Science shows that God corresponds to the level of Do, while the duality arises at the lower level of Si. In short, God can kick no one out at God’s level of the Seventh Heaven. Everything on that highest level of consciousness is indeed an inseparable part of a godlike Wholeness.


There are those who believe that the Devil is aided by 72 fallen guards. When we divide a full circle (which to me symbolizes the Divine Consciousness of God’s Infinite Wholeness) in five equal parts, then each part contains 72 degrees of arc. We connect these five points with straight lines, these points become the five vertices of a pentagram (which is the most used symbol of the Devil). Likewise, the word Archangel simply refers to Arc(h) Angle, meaning the degree of arc of an angle. These degrees of arc have, of course, everything to do with the journey of God’s sun Jesus through the twelve posts of the Zodiac (personified as apostles in the Gospels, and correctly painted by Leonardo da Vinci in “The Last Supper”). Like snow before the very same Helios, also the fear of a living Devil disappear in this way through the study of Wholly Science.


So in summary, the living Devil does not exist, nor does the historical Jesus (as discussed in Myth number 2). The living Devil therefore has never put the historical Jesus to the test. The real meaning of this parable is that we put ourselves to the test by leading our life in our present body (at the lowest level of Re) while in reality we are part of the highest level of God (at the level of Do). Each one of us in this life has to make a choice between Jesus or the Devil. Who has been granted the restoring of his birthright (according to the clause as it is described in the Second Testament), resurrected the Christ consciousness in himself. All others, without any exception, have therefore brought the Antichrist to life in himself. It has everything to do with the Ten Commandments, because these are absolutely not vague guidelines. Thanks to Wholly Science, we can now know the true meaning of the Ten Commandments (link). Even the smallest violation of any of these ten mandatory requirements will terminate immediately the right to God’s heritage as clearly described in God’s Original Testament .


People who still believe that Jesus is coming again soon or that the Antichrist will revealed itself any moment now, have apparently lost their minds. Making people loose their mind (meaning their ability to think for themselves) was the intention behind each religion (including New Age). Every religion is therefore nothing but a mind control program. It is much easier to control people through their minds then to control them in a physical way. Next to any religion, also any government is a mind control program, its purpose is to govern the “mente”, which is the Latin word for mind. The genius of this (almost) perfect swindle is that almost everyone tacitly consented. After all, we ourselves gave life to the devilish states and the devilish religions that we since then ignorantly obey as our idols.


There are sleuths who worry about all those Satanic symbols and rituals used by the so-called powers-that-be (I prefer to refer to them as the powers-that-were). Let us consider that as a mote in the eye of another. Perhaps more relevant to us is the beam in our own eye. In the very same way, all so-called whistleblowers ignore the beam in their own eyes by blowing the whistle over a mote in the eye of another. That whistle blowing causes even more life energy to flow away towards that devilish domination of the Terrestrial Paradise. Or might this be a deliberate demonic foul play?


Each of us has a choice: Do we continue to take part in the problem (by obeying idols)? Or do we become part of the solution by standing under God again (through repenting and compliance to the Law of God)? This choice, I found not at all difficult to make, after I finally realized the truth of my real situation in relation to the One and Only God.



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