Open Letter to an Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic


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To Mr. Mohammad Ayman Jamil Soussan,

Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic for the Netherlands and Belgium

3, Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt

BXL 1050  Brussels


Via e-mail:


Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Your Excellency,


According to the government-controlled press in the ‘West’, of which the current Netherlands government considers itself part and parcel, the US and its NATO clients are preparing for a war in order to conquer and occupy your country. All this in the name of humanitarian principles and allegedly to defend the Syrian population. Anybody can see that Syria will probably undergo the same fate as Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya: the infrastructure will be completely destroyed, the social fabric blown to smithereens, the treasures looted, tens of thousands of civilians will be slaughtered, millions more will be turned into refugees and forced to find safety abroad.


The US and its NATO clients will be perpetrating once again the mother of all war crimes: the unprovoked attack on a peaceful nation. Incidentally, the crime is already being committed by the US and NATO through their financing and arming of the terrorists and bandits ravaging your country since 2011.


Although the nation of which we carry a passport, the Netherlands, is generally regarded as a democracy, we as citizens have no power to stop the government from being an accomplice to the crime about to be perpetrated. As a matter of fact, by virtue of our citizenship, all Dutch citizens are about to made accomplices of yet another war crime, after 1999 (Serbia), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003) and Libya (2011). Unfortunately, we are just as powerless today to prevent the Dutch government from attacking Syria, as peace loving German citizens were to prevent Hitler from invading Poland in 1939.


We sincerely regret when the warlike countries led by the US and the UK will openly start to attach your country. It truly burdens our conscience. In the name of all peace-loving Dutch citizens, we offer our apologies. We condemn the actions of the Dutch government.


Our sympathy lies with the Syrian people and we wish them all the strength to survive the impending disaster.



along with many more people from all over the world,


Johan H. Oldenkamp, PhD.


(I thank Hubert Smeets for writing the draft for this letter.)


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