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On Paris again


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o       Je suis Charlie – Je suis Paris – Je suis naïve

o       The Original Ten Commandments

o       Upcoming live broadcasts of Pateo TV

o       Upcoming live broadcast of Pateo Radio



Je suis Charlie – Je suis Paris – Je suis naïve


In the evening of Friday November 13th, 2015, false flag terrorists staged a coordinated barrage of explosions and armed strikes across the center of the French capital Paris. The official number of death toll so far is 129. The following facts proof that it was a false flag attack:

1.    A large emergency exercise took place on the very same day in the same city (link). This was also the case in previous false flag attacks, such as 9/11 (in 2001) and the 7/7 bombings in London (in 2005).

2.    Details were reported before these described events happened (link). It took Wikipedia less then two hours after the first bomb explosion to complete the webpage about this event. Also the presidential address was at that time already included, while it was actually given one hour after this publication. Does Wikipedia have editors that are able to see future events at least an hour in advance?

3.    When the family of a Mexican girl named Nohemi Gonzalez heard about the shooting in the Bataclan theater in Paris, they immediately called her boyfriend’s cell phone. He answered this call and said that he and Nohemi were outside, and that they were both fine. Later on, the authorities took Nohemi into custody. The next day, her name was on the list of dead victims (link). She was killed afterwards in order to have as many different nationalities among the dead.


The previous false flag in Paris of January 7, 2015, was a total joke (link), as then nobody really died. This time, the Zionist psychopaths are responsible for the deaths of more then a hundred innocent people.

The Original Ten Commandments


At the Open Mind Conference in the Danish capital Copenhagen on Saturday morning, September 19, 2015, I revealed the original meaning of both The Creation and The Ten Commandments. The recording of this two-hour presentation is now online (link).



Upcoming live broadcasts of Pateo TV


Pateo TV is a weekly two-hour live internet television show, broadcast every Thursday starting at 8 p.m. Central European Time. The following shows are scheduled for the coming weeks:


o       November 26: Video interview with Mark Devlin on Musical Manipulation

o       December 3: Video interview with Joe Atwill on Deliberate Deception

o       December 10: Video interview with Judyth Baker on Lee Harvey Oswald



Upcoming live broadcast of Pateo Radio


Pateo Radio is a weekly one-hour live internet radio talk show, broadcast every Wednesday starting at 8 p.m. Central European Time. The guest of the upcoming talk show of December 16 is Frank Rasmussen, the initiator of the Open Mind Conferences.



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