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On the Launch of CCN


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o       Alternative Media gets a 24/7 Live Stream Network

o       The Real Terrorists exposed at an International Anti-Terrorism Conference

o       Have you read “The Green Book”, written by Gaddafi around 1975?

o       Petroleum is not at all a Fossil Fuel!

o       The hack related to the movie “The Interview” was an inside job

o       Do Facebook users bother about their own privacy?

o       Second Digital Edition of the Ultimate Wholly Science Textbook

o       Will you join a Wholly Science Week in France?



Alternative Media gets a 24/7 Live Stream Network


On January 1, 2015, a new international media network will be launched with 24/7 live video streaming. Its name is CCN, not to be confused with CNN (link). CCN stands for Conscious Consumer Network. Also its website (link) goes live at midnight (GMT) on New Years’ eve.



The Real Terrorists exposed at an International Anti-Terrorism Conference


On December 1, 2014, at the International Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism in the Syrian capital Damascus, Gordon Duff, a senior editor at Veterans Today, openly explained that the USA is under control of a worldwide criminal organization, and so is Israel (video). In the public part of this global terrorists organization, the Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson (1933) plays a major role. Via the secret services of both countries, all terror organizations are created, like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and/or Syria and/or the Levant (abbreviated as ISIS or ISIL). For most of us, this information is not new. However, it is new that this information has been openly shared during an international conference, thanks to Gordon Duff and his colleagues from Veterans Today (link).



Have you read “The Green Book”, written by Gaddafi around 1975?


I refer to the worldwide criminal organization, as mentioned above, as the “global control freaks”. In 2011, they were responsible for the covert invasion of Libya and the murder of its leader Muammar Gaddafi. Most people are not aware that mister Gaddafi wrote a very interesting trilogy, named “The Green Book” (link). Part 1 (published in late 1975) is about the solution of the problem of democracy, titled “The Authority of the People” (link). Part 2 (published in early 1977) is about the solution of the economic problem, titled “Socialism” (link). Finally, Part 3 (published in September 1981) explains the social basis of the Third Universal Theory (link).


This remarkable book rejects modern liberal democracy based on electing representatives, as well as capitalism. Instead, it proposes direct political participation for all adult citizens. It also explains why profit and money must disappear.


Clearly, mister Gaddafi was a threat to the global control freaks. Under Gaddafi, the Libyan public health care was available to all citizens free of charge. In many ways, Libya was flourishing. When further Gaddafi was working on a plan to get around the USA dollar in the international oil trade, the global control freaks organized the coup d’etat in Libya.



Petroleum is not at all a Fossil Fuel!


The mainstream belief is that petroleum is the result of organic remains that have been under extreme pressure and heat for millions of years. This belief has been sold to the main public as if it was scientifically proven. However, mainstream university “science” knows nothing about petroleum. It cannot tell us where this oil comes from, neither how long it took to make, nor how much there still is. University “science” is completely ignorant with respect to petroleum because it is not a so-called fossil fuel. In reality, petroleum is not even biotic. Petroleum is a self-regenerating compound (video). The assumption of scarcity of petroleum is totally false, and the idea of peak oil is ludicrous. It is high time that we reconsider everything that is related to petroleum. However, this does not mean that we should stop looking for better ways to generate energy. It just means that petroleum is not scarce, and the prices of all products made out of petroleum can go down a lot.



The hack related to the movie “The Interview” was an inside job


What the mainstream media reported about this so-called cyberattack which compromised the Sony Pictures entertainment company’s computer network in late November 2014 is nothing else then pure propaganda. According to this propaganda, the government of North Korea was behind the attack. However, later it turned out that this so-called “hack” was in reality an inside job. Perhaps this film written and directed by (amongst others) Seth Rogen (1982) was so bad, that Sony Pictures needed a good excuse to cancel it. Probably, there are several other reasons (as well) for this fake attack. In any case, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had nothing to do with this nonsense.



Do Facebook users bother about their own privacy?


It is no secret that Facebook does not mind to much about its user’s privacy. On top of that, Facebook changes its privacy policies again in 2015. From January 1, Facebook can now openly use all filled out names and all uploaded pictures for marketing purposes. Anyone who uses Facebook, automatically agrees to this, according to this adjusted policy.


I never created a facebook page, and I will never do so. I distrusted this social media website from the very start, as everyone knows (or ought to know) that this software was created by the CIA. Ignorant people think that it is just an easy-to-use website for connecting and sharing pictures and other information. The truth is that facebook users allow the global control freaks to monitor the effects of the various mind control programs, and thereby allowing these control freaks to learn how to become even more effective and efficient.



Second Digital Edition of the Ultimate Wholly Science Textbook


On August 6th, 2014, the thirteenth and final chapter of the ultimate Wholly Science textbook was released. In total, this first digital edition of this textbook had 422 pages. On December 19, 2014, the second digital edition of this textbook was released. This edition has 468 pages, meaning in total 44 pages more. It is available for the same price as the first edition. The first edition buyers received an automatic upgrade to the second edition free of addition charge. All thirteen chapters of this second edition of this ultimate full-color Wholly Science textbook are available as consecutive e-books for $ 6,83 each (or € 5.00), payable via PayPal or money transfer. The price of the complete book is $ 41 or € 30. See the homepage of (link) for the details. However, some prefer a hard copy over a digital copy. I am therefore still looking for a publisher that wants to publish this book in color. Can you get me into contact with such a publisher, then please do so. I thank you in advance for that!



Will you join a Wholly Science Week in France?


In April, you can join the Wholly Science Starters Week and/or the Wholly Science Advanced Week, which will take place in a beautiful chateau in the northeast of France. When you are interested, the go to the Agenda on (link) to find more information on both weeks. Please send me an e-mail message if you consider joining at least one of these weeks.



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