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Wholly Science : Reuniting Science & Spirituality

Wholly Science ▼ is the wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality.

On Knowing and Being

What we can understand is limited by our consciousness. In other words, our science is constrained by our spirituality. However, by increasing the understanding of ourselves, we can utilize this increased self-knowledge for spiritual ascension, after which our understanding can further increase.

Everything that can be read, viewed and/or listened to on this multilingual Pateo.NL website has been produced by Johan Oldenkamp, the founder of Wholly Science. Fortunately, there is advancing insight in him because he continues to develop both his science and his spirituality. As a result, his work reaches an ever-higher level. For those who also want to ascend, his older work can also be valuable, in order to follow his “path of breadcrumbs”. However, it is quite impossible to continuously update everything that has been produced in the past based on his latest insights. Therefore, consider every production by him as a snapshot, based on Johan’s knowing and being from that time. If you want to get to know also his most recent discoveries, follow his path as fast as you can.

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[link] What is true? (a more detailed explanation)

[link] Pateo.NL : “Replacing Mainstream, Debugging Alternatives

[link] Wholly Science (the all-encompassing paradigm)

[link] Wholly Science Video Course (in preparation for the Education Program)

[link] Wholly Science Education Program (Re-educate yourself to become a Conscious Creator!)

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