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© : Wholly Science - Johan Oldenkamp

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Wholly Science

Wholly Science is the Reviving Reunion of Sane Science and Sound Spirituality.

Why Wholly Science?

What is Wholly Science?

Wholly Science offers timeless and universal explanations for the whole of it all. Wholly Science clarifies and integrates the true wisdom of all ancient mystical scriptures with all modern-day understanding that is truthful. Wholly Science offers solid explanations to all phenomena, both natural and man-made.

Wholly Science is grounded on just two basic rules:

  1. The explanation with the broadest scope or the greatest applicability is the most Wholly.
  2. The simplest explanation is the most scientific (Science).

Wholly Science reunifies:

  • Terrestrial & Celestial
  • Natural & Supernatural
  • Normal & Paranormal
  • Physics & Metaphysics
  • Chemistry & Alchemy
  • Astronomy & Astrology
  • Mathematics & Numerology
  • Empiricism & Mysticism

Wholly Science connects:

  • Left & Right Hemisphere
  • Knowing & Feeling
  • Mind & Heart
  • Love & Wisdom
  • Masculine & Feminine
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Classic & Modern
  • Public & Occult
  • Exoteric & Esoteric
  • West & East

The best way to study Wholly Science is to follow the online video course on Wholly Science.

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