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Pateo TV

BioGeometry with Ibrahim Karim

Pateo TV, Vol. 21

Ibrahim Karim

Ibrahim Karim (1942) is the author of the book titled “Back to a Future for Mankind”, which was first published in 2010. Its main subject is BioGeometry, which is the scientific discipline that studies the interactions between biological life energies and geometrical features. The subtitle of this book is “Solutions to the global environmental crisis; new energy secrets of Ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramid revealed”.

On Tuesday February 2, 2016, Dr. Ibrahim Karim guested in the online video talkshow of Pateo TV, hosted by Dr. Johan Oldenkamp, the founder of Wholly Science. This interview serves a good introduction to the scientific discipline of BioGeometry, developed by Dr. Karim after more than three decades of research.

Probably due to a poor internet connection, the audio of the recording of this interview, that is embedded below, is now and then a little distorted:

As a follow-up, you can watch the recording of a two-day seminar, delivered by Dr. Karim in Clearwater, Florida, USA, in 2001, embedded below in two videos (with a total playing time of 8½ hours):

For more information on BioGeometry, also known as “Egyptian Energy Science”, visit the website of BioGeometry.com.

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