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Pateo TV

Ayahuasca with Hannah Klautz

Pateo TV, Vol. 20

Hannah Klautz

Hannah Klautz from Amsterdam in the Netherlands is working with ayahuasca for 17 years, by which she has been able to help many people. In this live online interview on Pateo TV with host Johan Oldenkamp, Hannah explained the essential difference between True Light and False Light.

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Latest Insights

During Hannah’s interview (as embedded above), she was convinced that certain spiritual beings such as Jesus and the archangels would be benevolent and good entities. In 2017, she found out that this is untrue. In that year, she discovered that all religions are false creations that try to take the place of their own Higher Self, and also that Jesus and the archangels are nothing more than holograms to deceive mankind.

This episode of Pateo TV is also available in Dutch.

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