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Pateo Radio

Troy McLachlan on Saturn

Pateo Radio, Vol. 12


The special guest for the live broadcast on May 28, 201 of Pateo Radio was Troy D. McLachlan, living in New Zealand. His website is Saturn Death Cult.com. Just like Immanuel Velikovsky (1895 – 1979), also Troy thinks that, in the ancient times, Saturn used to be our sun. The powers that try to control life on our home planet (the-powers-that-should-not-be, or the control freaks, also known as the self-proclaimed elite), worship Saturn as their supreme God. On his website, Troy also exposes the horrible crimes deliberately committed by these freaks, related to this worshipping of Saturn. In this volume of the Pateo Radio talk show, Troy and host Johan Oldenkamp talked about all of this.

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