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The Fall of the Cabal

The three-hour documentary on the fall of the cabal was originally released in ten parts. It was made in 2019 by Janet Ossebaard (born on 1966 June 4), a crop circles researcher from the Netherlands. If you do not already have a full picture of the systematic abduction, abuse, and even murder of children by the self-proclaimed “global elite”, then you most certainly must watch this shocking documentary. In it, Janet also reveals why this Satanic “elite” drinks the blood of these tortured and murdered children, and eat their flesh. They do this because they believe that the adrenochrome thus received will keep their physical appearance young and beautiful. For bringing these outrageous facts to a broader audience, Janet deserves full credits.

However, by also including proven falsehoods, she shoots herself in the foot. She should have limited herself to what she could prove. For instance, referring to the non-existing Nazi gas chambers is a huge mistake. But even more disturbing is the fact that she refuses to see that the world-famous JFK assassination of 1963 was clearly staged. Why did she not do any research on the true nature of the (good-looking) Kennedy family, starting with JFK’s father Joe? At the end of this documentary, she furthermore claims that JFK jr. staged his own plane crash in 1999, and that he will return (in 2020) as the new world leader. Well, this was indeed another case of like father, like son. But assuming that a presumably resurrected Kennedy will soon become the global savior of the good people proves lack of real understanding of what really is going on behind the scenes.

(To see this video, you must login to YouTube. An alternative is this video.)

The main source for this documentary is the trail of the anonymous breadcrumbs scattered by QAnon since 2017 October 28. The purpose of this leaked information is to indirectly expose the wickedness of many public persons. This will indeed all become more and more known to the masses in these years, including the deliberate deception by mainstream media. But this is all part of secret plan hidden behind a secret plan. Actually, it is this exposure of the “powers-that-should-not-be” that will pave the way for the real New World Order, disguised as peacemakers and our liberators.

Donald J. Trump (1946) is an actor-puppet like any other politician. He is simply the right man at the right to lead humanity towards more problems. If you think that anyone other than yourself will come and free you from all that is bad, then you are a gullible fool just like the maker of this documentary. Furthermore, Janet who suggests that JFK jr. is Q, also believes in time travel. Why on earth would she add this ridiculous nonsense to such an important documentary? What was she thinking?

Anyway, the one and only true purpose of our existence in this physical reality is simply to gradually (and entirely our your own) develop our consciousness and our ability to create consciously. All that is commonly labeled as “bad” by uninitiated people is nothing but useful exercise material. Therefore, become aware of your true spiritual potential, and next develop this. However, before you do this, you must first understand that what is commonly considered to be “spirituality” has deliberately been corrupted, and the same is true commonly considered to be “science”. If you really want to learn the truth (meaning the whole truth and nothing but the truth), then become a student of Wholly Science.

This review of the above documentary was written on Wednesday 2020 March 18 by Johan Oldenkamp.

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