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Exposing Disinformers

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To find the truth, we must eliminate falsehoods. However, the process of determining whether something is true or false can be very time consuming. If you are interested in saving your precious time, you should better become a Wholly Science student. In that case you will be granted access to this section of the PateoPedia.

Please understand that a worldwide information war is going on. As the mainstream disinformation is relatively easy to see through, the biggest challenge for genuine truth seekers is not getting lost in the many webs of alternative disinformation.

The manipulation by alternative disinformation always uses the same recipe. First, several mainstream lies are debunked to win your trust. Next, you are presented the promoted alternative, that appears to be true, based on what has been presented to you. However, genuine research always proves this to be false as well, but most people in alternative communities are not interested in this at all. They have accepted this alternative reading as their truth. Therefore, they are only looking for confirmation of this “truth”. The very same mechanism keeps “common” people believing in whatever the mainstream is feeding them.

Yes, most people are mentally lazy. On top of that, humanity is mentally degenerating. Stupid people have gradually become operators of smart devices, and this will only get worse. Nowadays, stupid has become the norm, while smart people, capable of independent thoughts, are seen as weird. And the scary part is: this was all planned centuries ago!

So wake up and break free from every control system around you. Re-educate yourself to become a conscious creator! This will also develop your discernment. Next, you can ask for the password to enter this section in case you doubt the truthfulness of an alternative blusterer.

This PateoPedia webpage, written by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in German and Dutch.

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