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Wholly Science Education Program

Wholly Science Education Program

Appraisal by Students


Hi, my name is Miguel – born in 1965 – and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started learning Wholly Science when I was convalescent after a triple bypass surgery a couple of years ago. I realized then that what I was chasing after in my life was just an “illusion”. That there was something wrong. Wholly Science has helped me to understand that the “reality” I live in is full of lies and deceits and that we ourselves can master and create the way we wish by raising our consciousness. All this not through merely unfounded hearsay or nice self-help sentences, but trough scientific and historic proof. Wholly Science subjects range trough a wide variety of topics all comprehensive to the same end, but it all starts by learning to “know yourself”, that is to know one`s personalities and how we can tame and control them, suppressing as much as possible all its automatic responses. Then we can slowly but surely start to uncover our True Self to finally achieve freedom. My favorite subject of Wholly Science is Wholly Scripture TV. Besides Johan’s interpretations, which are amazing, I enjoy to see the development of his awareness from the first chapter to the last! Thank you very much and congratulations, Johan!

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