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How to contact Johan Oldenkamp of Pateo.NL

j o h a n @ p a t e o . n l (without spaces)
Please keep your messages as short as possible.
You can also use the contact form.

p a t e o @ t u t a n o t a . c o m (without spaces)
Create your own secure email account for free at Tutanota to send me confidential information.
Always inform me through one of the other channels after sending your message.

Please send an e-mail message before sending a contact request.

+31 61676 4494
Only for urgent matters (also via WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal).
Join our Telegram group (for Wholly Science students only) by sending an email message

The postal address will only be revealed to you after a motivated request via an e-mail message.

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Johan Oldenkamp
Go to Johan Oldenkamp’s personal meeting room at Zoom. (by invitation only!)

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