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Fundamentals of Wholly Science

Introduction to the all-encompassing Paradigm

Fundamentals of Wholly Science

Pateo, 2nd Edition (2019/01/07), 1st Edition (2018/07/13), ISBN 978-94-90765-28-6, 60 pages

The “science” of the universities, which is based on many false assumptions, like gravity-based astrophysics, is in fact an insane belief system named ‘scientism’. On the other hand, popular “spirituality”, which confuses the soul with the spirit, is an unsound control system that keeps its believers trapped in their own wishful thinking.

In his life work, Johan Oldenkamp reunited sane Science with sound Spirituality, as these are in fact two sides of the same coin of Truth. He named this reviving reunion ‘Wholly Science’. In this book, he explains the foundation of Wholly Science. In it, also the main falsehoods of both scientism and popular “spirituality” are exposed.

Accompanying Videos

This ebook is accompanied by the five videos of the introductory offer of the Wholly Science Education Program: 1. World View (47 min.), 2. Metaphysics (39 min.), 3. Energetics (56 min.), 4. Consciousness (60 min.), and 5. Physics (46 min.).

The above embedded offer video refers to the episodes of PAWS TV, and to episode 47 of Pateo TV on the Spirit and the Soul.

How to order

This introductory ebook (inclusive these five accompanying videos) is available for only € 17.- (or the equivalent of this amount in any other currency). To order this introductory package, send an email message to: Webshop @ Pateo.NL (without spaces), and please simultaneously transfer this amount of money.

Temporary Offer

The second edition has been printed in a limited edition. As long as stocks last, this hard copy can be delivered for € 25 excluding shipping costs but including the five corresponding videos and the corresponding ebook. If you want to buy this printed book, please order it as soon as possible.


This introductory book is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

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