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Numerical Meaning

The Wholly Science Guide To Numerology

2nd Digital Edition (2018/05/30), 1st Digital Edition (2017/10/19), ISBN 978-94-90765-24-8, 20 pages

The physical reality that we perceive via our senses is merely an illusion created by the interplay of the underlying life energies. Also underneath each number, there are life energies at play. Numerology shows the energetic quality of each cipher, and how we can analyze these underlying life energies, also in dates and names. In this book, Johan Oldenkamp reveals for the very first time the underlying logic of Numerology, fully based on Wholly Science.

WARNING: Reading this book may irreparably alter your worldview.

How to order

This ebook is available for € 5.-. To order this ebook, send an email message to: book ordering @ pateo.nl (without spaces), and transfer this amount of money.

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This book is also available in Dutch.


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