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Articles of Pateo.nl

For Papers in PDF Format, see below

Articles of Pateo.nl
Date Link Title of the Article (plus any keywords)
2018/03/03 link Disputation on the Declaration of the Virtue of Indulgences (the 95 Theses from 1517 by Martin Luther)
2017/10/14 link The True Jewish History
2017/04/16 link The Germanic Tale of the Easter Bunny
2017/04/14 link Passover is the Passing By Feast (On the Germanic Origin of Easter)
2017/04/07 link What is the Truth about Jesus? (Historical man? Roman fiction? Otherwise?)
2017/04/03 link The Prayer that starts with Our Father (correctly translated from the original Greek wording)
2017/03/18 link Edward Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle demystified?
2017/03/05 link Oh, happy he, who can still hope (A poem from Faust by Goethe)
2017/02/28 link The Quintessence in Nikola Tesla’s own Words
2017/01/16 link The Germanic Lunar Year Calendar (precisely tracking both lunar and solar cylces)
2016/08/28 link Levels of Consciousness (9 Evolutionary Levels, 8 Substandard Levels, David R. Hawkins)
2015/07/03 link My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
2014/12/11 link Vivere : Dare to Live (a song in Italian)
2014/10/22 link Goethe about God
2014/02/27 link The Archons (anorganic life-energy parasites)
2013/11/18 link The Original Ten Commandments (The Law)

Papers in PDF Format

For the sake of completeness, the Portable Document Format (PDF) files listed below were many years ago released by Pateo. The information on some of them is outdated, as a result of advancing insight. If you like any of these papers, then that is fine. However, if the opposite is true, then do not bother to contact us. Instead, read the comprehensive Wholly Science Textbook.

Date Link Title of the Paper (plus any keywords)
2012/03/21 PDF Magic Squares (Pateo Academia Paper No. 1 : 4 pages)
2012/04/07 PDF Numerology of the Birthdate (Pateo Academia Paper No. 2 : 9 pages)
2012/02/01 PDF 3D Cosmology (Pateo Academia Paper No. 3 : 7 pages)
2014/02/06 PDF Introduction to Astrotheology (Pateo Academia Paper No. 4 : 3 pages)
2012/03/08 PDF Astrotheology and how to know thyself (Pateo Academia Paper No. 5 : 8 pages)
2014/01/22 PDF Sumerian Picture of Tiamat (PateoPedia Paper No. 1 : 3 pages)
2014/01/23 PDF Symbolism on the $1 Bill (PateoPedia Paper No. 2 : 4 pages)
2014/02/17 PDF Moon Landing Hoax Exposed (PateoPedia Paper No. 3 : 5 pages)
2014/09/02 PDF Electricity and Magnetism (PateoPedia Paper No. 4 : 5 pages)
2014/09/09 PDF Origin of Matter (PateoPedia Paper No. 5 : 4 pages)
2014/09/10 PDF Changing Constants (PateoPedia Paper No. 6 : 1 page)
2014/10/10 PDF Why Santa is white (PateoPedia Paper No. 7 : 2 pages)
2014/11/19 PDF Seven Years Cycle (PateoPedia Paper No. 8 : 2 pages)
2014/12/24 PDF Covert Invasion (PateoPedia Paper No. 9 : 6 pages)
2013/01/01 PDF The Clock of Giza (update)
2012/10/19 PDF Mayan Calendar Arithmetic Basics (2 pages)
2012/01/01 PDF How many references to 13 are on the back side of a one-dollar bill (USA)? (3 pages)
2011/10/07 PDF Solving the Giza Puzzle (8 pages)

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