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Articles of Pateo.nl

Articles of Pateo.nl
Date Link Title of the Article (plus any keywords)
2017/04/16 link The Germanic Tale of the Easter Bunny
2017/04/14 link Passover is the Passing By Feast (On the Germanic Origin of Easter)
2017/04/07 link What is the Truth about Jesus? (Historical man? Roman fiction? Otherwise?)
2017/04/03 link The Prayer that starts with Our Father (correctly translated from the original Greek wording)
2017/03/18 link Edward Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle demystified?
2017/03/05 link Oh, happy he, who can still hope (A poem from Faust by Goethe)
2017/02/28 link The Quintessence in Nikola Tesla’s own Words
2017/01/16 link The Germanic Lunar Year Calendar (precisely tracking both lunar and solar cylces)
2016/08/28 link Levels of Consciousness (9 Evolutionary Levels, 8 Substandard Levels, David R. Hawkins)
2015/07/03 link My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
2014/12/11 link Vivere : Dare to Live (a song in Italian)
2014/10/22 link Goethe about God
2014/02/27 link The Archons (anorganic life-energy parasites)
2013/11/18 link The Original Ten Commandments (The Law)

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