Three Keys to Unlock Wholeness Consciousness


According to my interpretation of the nine Mayan Calendars of Creation (which I collectively call the Tzol'tun), we are now exactly in the middle of the Creational Wave of Wholeness Consciousness (link). The first half of this Creational Wave focused on developing our vision of Wholeness Consciousness. In the remaining second half, this emphasis shifts towards translating this vision into action.


I like to share in this web article my insights in the essence of Wholeness Consciousness. In my understanding, Wholeness Consciousness is based on three core values:

o       Love (give lovingly)

o       Gratitude (receive gratefully)

o       Positivity (be positive)



What is love? I think it is essential that we very accurately define what love really is, and thus also understand what it is not. Love is always unconditional. Once conditions are attached to love (or to give lovingly), it becomes a business transaction. Then it is not love anymore. Pure love is all about giving without expecting to receive something in return. The loving act itself reinforces the loving consciousness of the loving giver. Giving lovingly is the first key to unlock Wholeness Consciousness.



Like love means giving unconditionally, gratitude means receiving unconditionally. Gratitude means that we receive everything that comes on our path of live with open arms, regardless of whether we experience it as being positive or negative. By unconditionally receiving all that we experience as positive, we can enjoy this positive experiences even more. Next, by unconditionally receiving also all that we experience as negative, we grant ourselves the opportunity to learn from these negative experiences. Once we are able to unconditionally receive negative experiences, then we start to notice that these negative experiences are often much more valuable to us than the positive experiences, measured by the amount of inner growth that resulted from these experiences. Receiving gratefully whatever we may encounter on our path is the second key to unlock Wholeness Consciousness.



The third key to unlock Wholeness Consciousness is a positive attitude of life. Positivity means that we focus on what we want to strengthen. Our attention acts as a energetic growth promoter. This does not mean that we should close our eyes to all we perceive as negative. There is an essential difference between ignorant positivity, when we are oblivious of negative experiences, and informed positivity, when we fully aware of both negative and positive experiences. Whether we experience something as positive or as negative depends on the state of consciousness of the person experiencing, at that particular moment and at that specific location. What someone can experience as being very positive, may have a negative charge for another person. Let us therefore, out of respect for each other, not try to fight against the negative. The third key to unlock Wholeness Awareness comes down to only promote what is perceived as positive, without detracting to everything else.


Putting the Three Keys into Practice

How hard can it be to put these three keys into practice? It just comes down to give lovingly, to receive gratefully both positive and negative, and to remain focussed on the positive. My personal experience is that this is not at all as simple as it might seem. I also find it much easier to notice when others have lost one or more of these keys, then when it concerns me. I therefore think that this final Creational Wave is not affecting consciousness on an individual level, as was the case for the previous leap in consciousness from Power-based to Strength-based. This final jump to the level of Wholeness Consciousness affects us collectively. This means that when we see that someone has lost one of these keys, we then lovingly return this lost key. Vice versa, when someone is trying to return us a lost key, we received this in gratitude.


Heaven and Hell

A for me striking picture of Hell is a table full of delicious dishes with guests who are unable to bend their arms, making it impossible for each of them to bring the food to their own mouth, causing them all to starve. In Heaven, we encounter the exact same situation, but now the guests bring food to the mouth of someone else.


Our collective leap to Wholeness Consciousness transforms our alleged demonic Hell into a divine Heaven. In order to make this transformation happen, we just have to put these three keys into practice, and to lovingly and respectfully return lost keys to each other. Are we by now sufficiently ready to start doing this? Shall we then just go for it and by doing so experience what Wholeness Consciousness is to us? Yes? Then make is so!


Zeist, the Netherlands,

March 27, 2012


Johan Oldenkamp