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Introduction to Wholly Science


The purpose of science is to provide explanations. Scientific progress results in an increase of explanatory strength, explanatory simplicity, or both at the same time. Nearly all academic theories, however, offer us mere descriptions instead of genuine explanations. The purpose of Wholly Science is to (re)discover these genuine explanations. To do so, Wholly Science transcends the limitations and errors of the academic theories by correcting the underlying assumptions.


Wholly Science combines physics and metaphysics, chemistry and alchemy, and astronomy and astrology. It integrates all mystical writings from ancient times with all experimental findings of our modern days.


As a follow up on his previous webinar at the School of the Holy Science, called ‘The Science of Creation’ (link), which was earlier this year live broadcasted on March 13, March 20, and April 10, all-round scientist Dr. Johan H. Oldenkamp created a new webinar called ‘Introduction to Wholly Science’. In this webinar, he explains all fundamental concepts of the mystical writings in modern day words. On November 6, 2012, he presented this webinar for the first time.




The second broadcast of a two hour webinar will start on Sunday December 2, 2012, at 19:00 pm Amsterdam time. Click here to find out the corresponding time in your own time zone.




Participating in this webinar, brought to you by the School of the Holy Science (link), is free of charge. Click here for practical information on how to join this webinar.








Very recently, Johan Oldenkamp discovered the Scaled Electrons Theory, abbreviated as Scelth. He explains this remarkably simple theory in a short e-book. Click here to open this e-book, also free of charge.


Johan Oldenkamp is founder of the Pateo Academia and author of 26 books (link). His multilingual website is


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