Resistance against unlawful legislation


The United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2649 acknowledges each human’s right to self-determination.


However, the authorities in the Netherlands try to oblige me to have an insurance cover for so-called ‘health’ care services and products.


My point of view on this is that this Dutch legislation is unlawful since it is inconsistent with the overruling UN Resolution.


Another reason why I refuse to have such an insurance cover is the immense health care scam, in which the pharmaceutical industry has bribed governments, institutions and professionals to value money over health.


Since I am unwilling to pay for the unlawful continuation of this health care scam, the Dutch government has decided to use brute force against me.


On March 16, starting at 2 pm, the bailiff will sell my belongings during a foreclosure. This will take place in my home, of which the address is Nijenheim 1426, 3704 VG in Zeist, the Netherlands.


At the very same moment, supporters of my point of view on this matter will demonstrate in and around my home by having a kind of fair.


They will stop degrading us.

They will not control us.

We will be victorious.


Zeist, the Netherlands,

February 22, 2012


Johan Oldenkamp