Open request to propagate Scelth


Dear reader,


I have done an important scientific discovery in the field of chemistry. This discovery provides us with a remarkably simple explanation for the ordering of the periodic table of the elements. Probably since this explanation is so simple, and also because it is coming for a non-chemist, the academic community is not very willing to recognize the importance of this breakthrough discovery.


The name I gave to this discovery is the Scaled Electrons Theory, abbreviated as Scelth. I have written down Scelth in a short e-book, which is freely available on the internet: link.


My request to you is to share the link to this e-book to as many people as possible. By doing so, the scientific establishment can no longer ignore it. I thank you in advance for your help that will enable genuine scientific progress.


With high regards,

Dr. Johan H. Oldenkamp

Pateo Academia



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