10 Facts That Prove Mainstream Science Wrong


Fact 1: The first prokaryotes arrived on this planet about 4 billion years ago.

Our planet named Terra is about 4.6 billion years old. The oldest organisms living on Terra are the single-celled prokaryotes. It is completely impossible that these single-celled organisms could arise naturally in such a relative short period of only 600 million years. What happened in those first hundreds of million years of existence of Terra was the cooling down of Terra’s crust, causing it to solidify. How could life spontaneously animate from inorganic chemicals in seas comprised of seething lava? After more than one billion years of cooling down, the algae arose as the oldest single-celled plant life. How could a single-cell animal (the prokaryote), which is capable of moving, arise on Terra 500 million years before the first single-cell plant, incapable of moving? There is no natural explanation for this. The only logical explanation is that the prokaryotes arrived here from outer space.


Fact 2: From the start on, there are two distinct types of prokaryotes: the bacteria and the archaea.

When these two distinct single-celled organisms would have ‘accidentally’ arrived together via an impacting meteorite, both species must also have packed enough hydrogen sulfide to survive the long journey through outer space. This, of course, does not make any sense at all. The only logical explanation is that both types of prokaryotes were brought intentionally to Terra in order to produce oxygen as an essential ingredient for the atmosphere in which aerobic organisms can live. When one type would not work, then the other might to the job. And indeed, after 500 million years of producing oxygen by the prokaryotes, the first aerobic life form, being the algae, came into existence.


Fact 3: About 2 billion years ago, suddenly the eukaryotes arrived.

Both types of prokaryotes are very simple life forms without a nucleus. They lived for 2 billion years without changing even the slightest bit. Perhaps, the evolution theory was still sleeping then. Suddenly, about 2 billion years ago, a single-cell organism arrived on Terra with a very complex cell structure called the eukaryote. How can an anaerobic simple single-cell organism transform into a more then hundred times larger aerobic complex single-cell organism in just one evolutionary step? Also for this fact, there is no natural explanation. The only logical explanation is that the eukaryotes were also intentionally brought to Terra. This was done because the eukaryotes are capable of producing much more oxygen then the prokaryotes. Therefore, the Creators (whoever they might be) upgraded the oxygen production on Terra by bringing in the eukaryotes.


Fact 4: About 530 million years ago, suddenly thousands of marine animal and plant species arrived.

This outburst of thousands of marine animal and plant species is called the Cambrian explosion. Again, there is no natural explanation for this sudden explosion of marine life forms. The only logical explanation is that the Creators brought all these distinct marine species to Terra. All current life forms on Terra originate from these first thousands of species. The horseshoe crab is the only one of the original animal species that is still present on Terra. After more then 500 million years ago it has not changed a bit. That is rather hard to explain when you believe in the Darwinian theory of evolution, in which nature keeps on making random genetic changes, but not in the case of the horseshoe crab (and neither in the case of the prokaryotes).


Fact 5: There is no evidence at all that supports the existence of even one transitional specie.

The Darwinian idea of macroevolution is that one specie gradually evolves into another specie. This idea is clearly false, since after more then hundred-fifty years of research, there is not a single peace of evidence that supports this incorrect idea. Natural microevolution only occurs within species. Those who still believe in accidental macroevolution are clearly fools or they allow themselves to be fooled.


Fact 6: The “hominoids” are evolved apes and differ strongly from the human Cro Magnon Man.

The first upright walking apes evolved about 4 million years ago on Terra from the monkey species. Some of these ape species are still present today, such as the gorillas, the chimpanzees, the orangutans, and the gibbons. About 2 million years ago first, these ape species evolved into so-called “hominoids”, such as the Australopithecus, the Homo Erectus, and the Neanderthal. These hominoids are however not human beings, but ape beings. The correct name for the “Homo Erectus” therefore is “Simia Erectus” (Simia is Latin for Ape, while Homo is Latin for Man.


All ape beings have arm lengths that equal the leg lengths. They also have a very strong, heavy bone structure. Human beings have however much shorter arms then legs, have a much thinner and weaker bone structure, and have a clearly different skull shape. Ape beings neither have a forehead, nor a chin, as do human beings. The footprint of ape beings differ clearly from a human footprint, since ape beings walk different (meaning more natural), and their foot bone structure is far more robust, since these feet are supporting much more weight. Human beings also has very poor night vision, compared to ape beings. Ape beings are fully hairy, that protects them well. Human beings lack this full furry protection, and therefore need to wear for instance the furry skin of dead animals in order to stay alive. Further more, a young female ape being can easily rip a full-grown male human being into peaces. Perhaps even more striking evidence that the human beings did not naturally evolve from ape beings is that humans have one pair of chromosomes less compared to apes. For none of these facts, there is a natural explanation. The only logical explanation is that the human beings were created through genetic modification. The Creators apparently created a new species based on their own genetic image. Since they probably have 23 pairs of chromosomes (like human beings do), they merged two pairs of ape being chromosomes into one pair of human being chromosomes. That is exactly what we find when we compare the human chromosomes with ape chromosomes. Merging of chromosomes is not natural. It can only be done by genetic engineering.


Fact 7: Evolved ape beings are still living on Terra.

About half off Terra’s land mass that is not covered with ice is impassable to us humans, and therefore unknown to us. Most of that is covered with gigantic forests. At the borders of these, for humans impassable forests, our ancestors have encountered evolved ape beings since time immemorial. These evolved ape beings are called sasquatch, yeti or bigfoot. These sightings go on until present day, and are sometimes also captured on video (link). The ignorant masses think this is all a joke. The real joke is however the ignorance of masses fed by the fraudulent university scholars and the controlled mainstream mass media. These ignorant masses can easily be convinced that huge, furry, black and white vegan creature is a bear instead of an evolved ape being. Since the panda is a very stupid ape being, it could eventually be captured (after 60 years of trying!). The other evolved species of ape beings that are still present on Terra are much smarter, and are active during the night (in the areas where the bears rule during day time). That is why humans are rarely able to catch them.


Fact 8: Domesticated plants and animals did appear suddenly.

There is no natural explanation for the origin of domesticated plants like corn and wheat, nor for the origin of domesticated animals like cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. Again, genetic modification is the only logical explanation for there existence on Terra. The best proof for this genetic intervention is the cheetah, which is a genetic mixture of a dog and a cat. More remarkably, all cheetahs have exactly the same DNA profile. This proofs that this animal is not natural, but instead a clone, designed for hunting purposes.


Fact 9: The genetic design of humans is full of errors.

Over 4.000 genetic disorders are documented for us, human beings. For a species that is on Terra for only about 200.000 years, this could never have occurred naturally, since nature smoothly eliminates disorders. The only logical explanation for this is that we humans were genetically engineered, and that it apparently has been very difficult to get it done sufficiently well.


Fact 10. A genuine non-human, non-hominoid skull exists.

The nine undisputable facts proving mainstream science to be utterly wrong as mentioned above are present in the work of Lloyd Anthony Pye (1946). Because of his outstanding research, Lloyd was allowed to do research on the 900 years old Starchild Skull, which is indisputably neither human nor hominoid. This skull definitely proves the existence of a life form like us humans with however a much larger brain. To learn more about this, visit Lloyd’s website (link). To see Lloyd present these ten remarkable facts and much more, click here.


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