Revealing book shows forgotten history


Do the mainstream history books tell us the complete truth about the rise and development of human civilizations? What connects Atlantis, the biblical flood and pole shifts? How were the Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge built? These and much more questions are answered in the book ‘The forgotten nature of time, energy and our own human nature’. This is an absolute must read for every open minded reader!


This book has been compiled by Berend F. Watchus (1982). He addresses these questions with 17 researchers from an alternative and holistic perspective. These 17 researchers are, in random order:

o       Doug Yurchey (link)

o       Frank Joseph (link)

o       Dr. Joscelyn Godwin (video)

o       Peter Champoux (link)

o       Rich Anders (link)

o       Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich (link)

o       Shirley Andrews (book)

o       Walter Cruttenden (link)

o       Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman (link)

o       Alex Whitaker (link)

o       Gary Osborn (link)

o       Bethe Hagens (link)

o       Fabio R. de Araújo (link)

o       Tony O 'Connell (link)

o       Foster Gamble (link)

o       Dr. Johan H. Oldenkamp (link)


All-round researcher Berend Watchus comes from a mixed background, having both roots in the country of Stonehenge as well as in the country of the 54 dolmens (The Netherlands). He has mainly been inspired by (link) and Nassim Haramein (link), who have raised the level of credibility of holistic science. Berend Watchus believes in combining mainstream and alternative scientific information.


This is the table of contents of this book:

1.          On the Nature of Time (Dr. Johan H. Oldenkamp)

2.          General questions about archeology and time (Gary Osborn)

3.          The Code / Ancient Cultures an introduction (Foster Gamble)

4.          There’s an Elephant in the Room…! (Alex Whitaker)

5.          An interview with Fabio R. de Araújo

6.          Resonance and the Ancient Science of Sound and Vibration (Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman)

7.          An interview with Peter Champoux

8.          An interview with Shirley Andrews

9.          Prehistoric and ancient human societies (Semir Osmanagich)

10.     An interview with Frank Joseph

11.     Earth Energy Vortexes (Bethe Hagens)

12.     An article by and an interview with Doug Yurchey

13.     Short interview with Rich Anders

14.     A short interview with Walter Cruttenden

15.     An article by and an interview with Tony O'Connell

16.     An interview with Joscelyn Godwin


The book contains 170 pages and costs €16,95. Click here here to order from the Netherlands.


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Title: "The forgotten nature of time energy and our own human nature"

book code: ISBN 9789462061231