The Essence of the Giza Discovery


The (transcendental) number of π is the circle’s ratio of its circumference to its diameter. This is what our current (scientific) understanding thinks is true with respect to this ratio:


1.    Until the 3rd century BC, humanity had no knowledge of this (irrational) ratio. In that century, Archimedes of Syracuse discovered it, and since then this never-ending number became known as Archimedes' Constant.


2.    The greatest pyramid on the Giza plateau in Egypt (called The Great Pyramid) was built around 2560 BC.


3.    The builders of the Great Pyramid somehow did use (an approximation of) this ratio in practice, but they most certainly could not precisely define the value of π.


I can prove with absolute certainty that both 1 and 3 are wrong. Next, I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that also 2 is incorrect.


These new insights will shed a completely new light on the history (and possibly also the origin) of humanity (on this planet).


I will explain my proof for free in a live television broadcast. The first tv program that allows me to speak for about 10 minutes while some pictures and figures of my choice are shown, will get this revealing story. My email address is Johan (at)


Zeist, The Netherlands,

October 8th, 2011


Johan Oldenkamp