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The article below describes the process of self-realization from believing to knowing and ultimately connecting. To give form and content to this third phase of connecting, The Connection has been set up, with which people show their mutual connection by means of listing their websites together. These connected websites in the English language will be listed below (in alphabetical order):





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From Believing via Knowing to Connecting


We can characterize the period until the beginning of this millennium as the period of believing. In that period we believed that the church could bring us closer to god, doctors could make us more healthy, politicians would represent the interests of the people, journalists would give impartial reports and that scientist were in search of the truth.


In the period of the past 13 years more and more people have lost their faith or belief. We discovered that on an inconceivable large scale our (trust) naivety has been abused. We were thrown back by this disconcerting notion onto ourselves, because we only could trust ourselves. We saw that we ourselves are responsible for everything in our life, including our providing of information. Only by self-examination (inquiry) we can be (almost) certain of not being misled deliberately by others. Of course we still can deceive ourselves, as long as we are still ignorant concerning our inner dynamics.


The central topic for the period of the past 13 years was inner self-knowledge. We feed our inner knowing by thinking for our selves, by observing our inner self and our feelings. We believe no longer that others could do that for us. He who still believes others is simply idle. Believe in the truth of others is for lazy people. This in that case is not really an insight, but only a simple subjective coloured perception.


By exclusively trusting our inner knowing we are able to make the conscience jump from power to strength. Credulous people are unconsciously part of the power pyramid, by with which a small group of people try to take hostage all the people of our whole planet. Do you want to know more of this, please read the article titled “The Solution” (coming up soon).


At the top of the power pyramid, we find the highest power based authorities who remain because of their enormous power always behind the baffles of reality, as presented by the mainstream media. I call these people the power cockroaches. These power cockroaches do everything to hold the uncritical people as long as possible in their ignorance. For this reason the people are made deliberately more and more unintelligent by (mis-)using the education system and the information which is served up by the mainstream media. In this way the people are deliberately trained in only discussing “pre-chew” truths. On top of this the people are provided with all kinds of chemicals by means of our food, our drink and air which we inhale. The most credulous people also are infected by all kinds of chemicals by means of pills and vaccination. This is also exactly the reason why the sickness figures increase always more strongly. Only by entirely trusting the strength of our inner balanced system (also immune system or defence system called) we become and remain healthy. Sickness is, as it happens, also a belief, and who believes in these believes becomes indeed sick. Only ignorance can be led by belief, convictions and dogmas.


As above, So below; As inside, So outside.

The underworld (our earthly reality) is a reflection of the upper world (the celestial reality of the stars and planets). Likewise the outside world (the world which we think we observe) is a reflection of the inner world (the world which corresponds to the state or development of our conscience). Would the stars in the belt of Orion change of position when we moved the large pyramids on the Gizeh-plateau in Egypt? Only ignorant people would believe that. People with a clear thinking mind, knowing people, know that this reflection works only from above downwards.


This means that it is meaningless to try to change the practices in the outside world as long as our conscience stays remains on the old level. For this reason it is vital that all people now firstly will stand up in their own strength:

o       strength people actively examine everything, and preserve the good things, this means that what resonates with their inner knowing.

o       strength people do respect and accept everything and everyone, and have absolutely no need to criticize others.

o       strength people consider all life forms as equivalent, and never look up to others, and also never look down on others.

o       strength people understand that their feelings give feedback on their own inner and external behaviour, and they use this feed-back to hold their consciously chosen path.

o       strength people understand that our inner behaviour (our ideas, feelings and perceptions) form a magnet which attracts equal behaviour.

o       strength people stand above their ego, of which they are fully aware and are able to use, but  has never the inner control.

o       strength people are not in opposition to of are reactive, they do simply their own “thing” and show in this way where they stand for.

o       strength people have no fear; they are (re-)connected to, and they have re-recognised the inexhaustible source of unconditional love in themselves.


After having taken the step from believing to inner knowing follows the connection. Strength people connect to initiatives that are larger than they are. After abjuring this blind belief, many get the tendency to attack not only the official view but also other views. These people are fallen into the breach between believing and inner knowing. This happens to quit a few! Crawling out of this breach and respectfully dealing with all views (even the official ones) will take us to the position to stand in our own strength. From that inner strength, it is possible to connect with other strength people, because in these connections differences are viewed as complementarily, and never as contradictory. Strength people do not fight.


By connecting from our own strength to others we take care we that one plus one equals more than two. This is only possible when both “ones” are accepted entirely by each other. Just as a person really is. Also we accept ourselves as we are. Strength people embrace affectionately both their own shade side, and that of the other one. Without the light there is no shade also. If we are grateful for the light, let us realize thus that shade is a consequence of this light.


We are all different. Many of us have also a life in the digital world apart from the life in the physical reality. For the next coming period, as strength people let us emphasise to make as much mutual connections as possible, both in the physical and in the digital world. We have (and preserve) our own unique look on reality, and we carry this out on our own unique manner.


Shall we connect ourselves in this coming period as One? Will we link ourselves in freedom? Our connection becomes no pyramid, but a network, exactly such as our brain functions. Humanity forms the mem-brain of mother Earth (Terra) (the same as Bruce Lipton shows that the intelligence of every living cell is located in the membrane as a result of the mutual communication between the proteins). Likewise our intelligence is not located in our head, but in the membrane of our energetic field. Let us connect our energetic fields with each other to raise our common intelligence.


We are in need of an addressing name for our intelligent network. Who knows a beautiful name? What do you think of “The Connection”? We are with much more than we realize. Let us give ourselves a name, so we can also be notified by the sleeping and credulous mass. Occupy-movement is only the top of the iceberg, because the group awakened people is a lot bigger.


Let us unite in One Name. Together we make the difference. Together we can demolish the power pyramid. There are many ways, but let us start to connect. Do you participate?


Then very practical: what can we do more than being in our own strength and mutually connect?

o       we can carry out a formal procedure to claim the exclusive right on the use of its own name (in order to become a true Free Man).

o       we can share our stuff together and exchange mutually products and services.

o       we can stop with the sending out of fearful bulletins and messages.


More practical tips (briefly and concise) are welcome, and will be added.