Pateo Academia


The Pateo Academia offers an open platform for unbiased scientists all around our globe. The following researchers (in alphabetic order of the surname) are affiliated with this open platform:


Joseph Atwill

The Jesus Myth

Luke R. Barnesmoore

Critical Interdisciplinair

Study Center

Carl Johan Calleman, PhD

Mayan Calendars

Frank Chester

Archetypal 3D Shapes

Billy Dale Lawhorn



Gary Max


Gary The Numbers

Troy D. McLachlan

Planetary History

Stephen S. Mehler, M.A.


Johan H. Oldenkamp, PhD

Wholly Science

Matt Presti

The Secret of Light


Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

Morphic Resonance

Alex Whitaker


Gary Yourofsky


Doug Yurchey

Ancient Mysteries


This list is growing. Do you, as a leading scientists, also want to join this platform of the Pateo Academia, then just send a message to Academia @ (without spaces). Please also use this email address for contacting the Pateo Academia on other subjects.


The Pateo Academia offers you the following free papers:

o       3D Cosmology (on the 3D dynamics in the universe): link

o       Astrotheology: link

o       Astrotheology and how to know thyself: link

o       Introduction to Astrotheology: link

o       Introduction to Numerology (also on the meaning of the Great Seal of the US): link

o       Numerology of the Birthdate (on the meaning of birthdate ciphers): link

o       Magic Squares: link

o       Qabalah & the Tree of Life: link


You find more papers on the homepage of PateoPedia: link


For information on inspirational leading scientists from the past, see: PateoPedia: Wholly Wayshowers.



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