: Wholly Science


Are you aware that the academic theories of the universities contain many incompetent fallacies? Are you aware that the religious belief systems of the churches contain many misleading falsehoods? Are you ready to upgrade your understanding of it all? Are you ready for Wholly Science?



Wholly Science is the Liberation and Healing of Science and Religion



Understanding God; The Wholly Science Handbook is the 27th book written by all-round researcher Johan Oldenkamp, PhD. In this book, Dr. Oldenkamp explains the essence of Wholly Science. Click here to see the back cover of this book, and click here to see its table of contents (more on this book). Click here to order this book.


Genuine science offers cogent explanations; the academic theories on the other hand offer mere descriptions. That is not real science; that is at most journalism, and in many cases it is actually science fiction.


Genuine religion enables us to reconnect ourselves with God. The religious belief systems on the other hand impose a manipulated image of God, that even increases the distance to the one and only God.


Wholly Science proves that genuine science and genuine religion are one and the same.


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