“Black Jacks” Scientifically Explained


In the month of November, there was a national debate in the Netherlands about “Zwarte Piet” also known as Black Jack, who is the helper of Saint Nicholas. Many people think that these helpers with their black-painted faces are offensive to people with a darker skin. However, scientific research has shown that the White Nicholas is just a personification of the light-radiating sun, while the Black Jacks are personifications of the planets orbiting around that sun. Because these planets do not emit light themselves, they are portrayed as being black, in contrast to the sun, which is therefore portrayed as being white. The story of Saint Nicholas and his helpers is thus absolutely not about people with corresponding skin colors. In reality, this story is simply about the heavenly bodies.


The character of Santa Claus is based on that of Saint Nicholas. Santa is therefore also a personification of the central star of our solar system. The helpers of Santa are not Black Jacks, but reindeer. The number of these reindeer indeed prove that they represent the planets


Not only Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas are personifications of the sun called Helios. All our ancestors always had similar personifications of the sun, such as Shamash, Ra, Horus, Surya, Ahau, Apollo, Mithras, and Solomon. One personification created about two thousand years ago is nowadays still in use, and that is the character of Jesus.


More details on this can be found on the website Pateo.nl. Several main articles are mentioned on the homepage of that multilingual website. The article at the bottom of that listing explains in detail why Santa is Jesus.


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