In 1945, in the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi, just north of Luxor, a jar was found containing 13 leather-bound books, including in total 52 texts. The pages of these original books were made of papyrus, and the texts were written in Coptic. Given the similarities with the current books of the Bible’s New Testament, originating form about the same era, many mistakenly believe that these texts would be Christian writings. The truth is that these are not Christian, but Gnostic scriptures. In fact, also the books of the New Testament were originally Gnostic writings, before these were “adjusted” by Christianity. Gnosticism is about true spirituality (meaning: true service to God), and is has nothing to do with Christianity (meaning: serving the antichrist). Click here to read the English translation of these unaltered Gnostic writings.


The Greek word gnosis literally means “knowledge” or “understanding”. Gnosticism shows that higher knowledge is the door to real freedom, just like Wholly Science does. However, any practitioner of Gnosticism did not call himself a Gnostic, but a Telestes, which literally means “one with a purpose”. People who knew the truth of Gnosticism were “aimed” people, meaning: people with a long-term focus. They all had an overall goal in their life that came from within.


Apart from revealing the essence of true spirituality, these genuine Gnostic books also reveal the existence of intruding creatures named “Archons”. These inorganic beings do not live in the physical world, which Wholly Science calls the Shadow World. They live in the world on the other side of the so-called veil, which Wholly Science calls the Proto World. The Proto World is the world of the life energies, named Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone, Vril or Mana by our ancestors. Nowadays, scientism (link) has no clue what these life energies really are. However, the Archons know this perfectly well, for they require negative life energies as their food.


The meaning of the Greek word “Archon” is “ruler” or “lord”. Just like ignorant humans abuse animals for food production, so abuse the ruling Archons humans for their food production. Any negative emotion or thought is food for the Archons. Over the many years, the Archons have become very efficient in evoking negative emotions or thoughts of humans.


Apart from sunlight and nutrients, humans require positive life energies in order to stay Wholly (meaning physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy). When the deficiency of positive life energies lasts too long, the emotional body of a human (named the soul) will die. A human with a dead soul is called a psychopath. The Greek word psyche means “soul”, and the Greek word pathos means “death” (and also “suffering”).


Due to the invasion of the Archons (several thousands of years ago), humanity has ever since allowed itself to be ruled by the Archons. These puppeteers use psychopaths as their staged puppets to rule over humanity. In fact, the word “monarch” means one (mono) Archon ruling over a country. Only after removing all psychopaths from their positions of power, humanity can start solving all her global problems.


How to identify a psychopath?

The Pateo Psychopath Checklist includes 13 behavioral features:


  1. A psychopath is a smooth talker with no real depth.

  2. A psychopath is a pathological liar (with lies ranging from small to very large).

  3. A psychopath lives in his own fantasy world.

  4. A psychopath has a very high opinion of himself.

  5. A psychopath looks down on all that is considered to be “lower”.

  6. A psychopath is continually looking for incentives.

  7. A psychopath reacts impulsively.

  8. A psychopath likes to benefit from others.

  9. A psychopath is very adept at manipulation.

10. A psychopath has no morals nor guilt.

11. A psychopath has no empathy nor compassion.

12. A psychopath never feels responsible.

13. A psychopath never acknowledges his own mistakes.


Though most psychopath are indeed male, female psychopaths are often even more Machiavellian.


Perhaps the Archons figured out how to incarnate into a human body. In that case, many psychopaths are incarnated Archons. Anyway, it is a fact that a number of psychopath families are terrorizing this planet since time immemorial. Either these families are incarnated Archons, or these families obey the Archons (in exchange for power).


The psychopathic Archons directly or indirectly control nearly all governments and nearly all media. They also corrupted science into scientism, and they corrupted spirituality (meaning: true service to God) into the religions. Now they use the governments, the media, scientism, and religion to deprive ignorant people of their birthright of freedom.


Embrace negativity

By embracing our own inner negativity, we prevent the feeding of Archons. Furthermore, by neutrally examining the cause of this negativity, we learn more about ourselves, mostly in relation with others. As everything always has a function, the function of the Archons and the psychopaths is to encourage us to develop profound self-knowledge. Let us therefore be grateful for this stimulating effect of their cold-blooded behavior.



Self-knowledge results from applying Wholly Science to everything in your life. Are you ready to for knowing yourself?


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