“Anne Frank died until 1993”

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Anne Frank became known as the Amsterdam girl that allegedly wrote diary of high literary level. This diary was first published in 1947 by Contact Publishing in Amsterdam. Translated to English, its title was “The Annex: Diary Notes 1942 June 14 – 1944 August 1.


This girl was born as Anneliese Marie Frank on 1929 June 12 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, as the second and youngest daughter of Otto Heinrich Frank (born on 1889 May 12) and Edith Holländer (born 1900 January 16). Allegedly, Anne Frank died in 1945 February of typhus while being imprisoned at the Bergen-Belsen Camp in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany, while her mother allegedly died on 1945 January 6 at the Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. According to some, the photo below seems to debunk both official claims:



This picture was taken after WWII, somewhere in the late forties or early fifties of the previous century. Is the young woman in the middle Anne, while she officially died at the age of 15 years? And is her mother Edith (allegedly on the left-hand side) also still alive? Is father Otto suppressing a smile of pride, as he had been able to pull off both the alleged fakery of his wife and youngest daughter’s deaths and the forgery of the diary that was not (or partially at most) written by Anne Frank (see below: The Diary Fraud).


The story now becomes even more remarkable, as according to researchers Herbert Erwin Porsch (from Leipzig, Germany) and Iwona A. Schmidt (from Warsaw, Poland) of Polskaweb.eu, who claimed that it are Anne Frank and her mother who are photographed in the picture above, Anne Frank next took on the identity of Audrey Kathleen Ruston, born 39 days earlier on 1929 May 4 in a borough of the Belgium capital Brussels. As Audrey Ruston she later became known as the British actress Audrey Hepburn. And indeed, the young woman in the middle does look a lot like Audrey Hepburn.


Most people will immediately dismiss the claim that Audrey Hepburn actually was Anne Frank as nonsensical. If it really would be sheer nonsense, then why did the website Polskaweb.eu disappear in 2014 and why were both researchers prosecuted for sedition? Let us have look at the evidence that Porsch and Schmidt have put forward.



Look closely at the teeth of the above girls. Who is the girl in the middle: Anne (as shown in the left-hand side photo) or Audrey (as shown in the right-hand side photo)? The girl on the right is the 11-year-old Audrey with straight, joint teeth. According to the official version, the girl in middle is allegedly also Audrey, but then six later, when she was 17 years old. Why are her teeth suddenly so crooked?



According to Porsch and Schmidt, the young woman in the above right-hand side photo allegedly is Anne Frank. Could it be that Audrey Hepburn (left) is indeed Anne Frank? Are these two pictures of the same woman?


Is it true that Anne Frank after having disappeared from Bergen-Belsen had to wear a brace for long in order to make her teeth resemble that of Audrey? And what happened to the real Audrey? These questions I currently cannot answer.


According to Porsch and Schmidt, it was the 63-years-old Anneliese Marie Frank also known as Audrey Kathleen Hepburn who died on 1993 January 20 in Tolochenaz, Vaud, Switzerland. Click here to read the article (in German) in which claim is put forward.


If Audrey Hepburn was indeed Anne Frank, I dare not say with certainty at this moment. Both researchers also indicate that the fatalities of, among others, Lady Diana (in 1997), Jörg Haider (in 2008), Michael Jackson (in 2009) and Lech A. Kaczynski (in 2010) are staged and that they did not die in those “accidents”, but instead disappeared to a hidden “under” world. For the “fatality” of Diana “Spencer”, I also reached this conclusion (as described in “Meet the Elite”), and perhaps this also applies to the others. Who knows?


The important thing for me is the presumption that not only father Otto H. Frank survived the war, but allegedly also his famous daughter. Are Anne Frank’s alleged death in a war camp and her alleged authorship of a literary work two additional lies on top of the proven falsehood of the alleged Holocaust (link).



The Diary Fraud


The following text is an edited excerpt from an article by Brian Harring (link):


Otto H. Frank and Edith Holländer were upper class German Jews, both coming from wealthy families. Otto and his siblings lived on the exclusive Meronstrasse in Frankfurt am Main. He attended a private prep school, and also attended the Lessing Gymnasium, the most expensive school in Frankfurt. Otto attended Heidelberg University. After graduation he left for a long vacation in England. In 1909, the 20-year-old Otto went to New York City where he stayed with his relatives, the Oppenheimers.


On 1925 May 12, Anne’s parents married and settled in Frankfurt, Germany. Her elder sister Margot Betti Frank was born on 1926 February 16, three years before Anne. The Frank’s family business included banking, management of the springs at Bad Soden and the manufacture of cough drops. Anne’s mother Edith was the daughter of a manufacturer.


In 1934, Otto and his family moved to Amsterdam where he bought a spice business, Opekta, which manufactures Pectin used in making household jellies.


On 1940 May, after the Germans occupied Amsterdam Otto remained in that city while his mother and brother moved to Switzerland. Otto remained in Amsterdam where his firm did business with the German Wehrmacht. From 1939 to 1944, Otto sold Opeka, and Pectin, to the German army. Pectin was a food preservative, and a anti infectant balm for wounds and as a thickener for raising blood volume in blood transfusions. Pectin was used as an emulsifier for petroleum, gelatized gasoline for fire bombing. By supplying the Wehrmacht, Otto Frank became, in the eyes of the Dutch, a Nazi collaborator.


On 1942 July 6, Otto moved the Frank family into the so-called ‘Secret Annex’. The annex is a three story, mostly glass townhouse that shares a garden park with fifty other apartments.


While he was allegedly in hiding, Otto Frank still managed his business, going downstairs to his office at night and on weekends. Anne and the others would go to Otto’s office and listen to radio broadcasts from England.


The purported diary begins on 1942 June 12, and runs to 1942 December 5. It consists of a book that is six by four by a quarter inches. In addition to this first diary, Anne supplemented it with personal letters. Otto said Anne heard politician Gerrit Bolkestein (1871 – 1956) in a broadcast say: “Keep a diary, and he would publish after the war”, and that’s why Anne’s father claimed she rewrote her diaries second time in 1944. In this second edition, the new writer changed, rearranged and occasionally combined entries of various dates.


When Anne allegedly rewrote the diaries, she used a ball point pen, which did not exist in 1945, and the book took on an extremely high literary standard, and read more like a professional documentary than a child’s diary. In Anne’s second edition her writing style, and handwriting, suddenly matured.


The actual diary of Anne Frank contained only about 150 notes, according to The New York Times, of 1955 October 2.





The mother in the picture at the beginning of this article turns out to be Otto Frank’s second wife: Elfriede Markovits (1905 February 13 – 1998 October 2). And the young woman in the middle is actually Audrey Hepburn (link). For the conclusion that Anne Frank survived WWII, I could not find sufficient evidence. The claim that Anne Frank continued living as Audrey Hepburn turned out to be complete nonsense.



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