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Santa is Jesus


The personage of Santa Claus is a personification of the sun. Also the personage of Jesus is a personification of the sun (of God). This therefore means that Santa is Jesus. This remarkable conclusion derives from independent scientific research conducted by all-round scientist Dr. Johan Oldenkamp.


There is no historical evidence whatsoever that supports the presumed existence as a man of either Santa or Jesus. Both fictitious characters are created in order to help us understand the celestial dynamics. On the other hand, the evidence that both Santa and Jesus are personifications of the sun is overwhelming. Dr. Oldenkamp summarized this evidence in a short online article freely available on his multilingual website Pateo.nl (link).


Earlier this year, Dr. Oldenkamp wrote the book entitled “Understanding God”. Based on the basic knowledge recorded in this handbook, he currently makes one discovery after another. Though mainstream media have been trying to ignore his astonishing revelations as much as possible, more and more people are starting to see the genuine truth of his work. About two thousand years ago, a man called Jesus clearly did not walk on the face of the earth, despite what many believe. However, nowadays it really seems there actually is a Christ among us. Nevertheless, all attention should better go to the message instead of the messenger, according to Dr. Oldenkamp.


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